A cheeseboard has Mickey Mouse on the front and a cheese knife on the side.
These Mickey Mouse Cheeseboards Are Grate For A Magical Happy Hour

Looking for a way to sprinkle your movie nights and happy hours with a little more pixie dust? Well, it starts with your appetizer spread. By having one of ShopDisney's Mickey Mouse cheeseboards, you can serve the most magical charcuterie board your friends have ever seen. It makes perfect sense to combine cheese and the one who started it all. Even Mickey Mouse himself would want to score an invite for some tasty gouda or crumbly blue cheese.

It's hard not to have heart eyes when looking at delicious cheeses all spread out with different crackers, fruits, and jams, but you'll definitely have an even sweeter display when it's on something Mickey Mouse-shaped. To pair with your cheese, you can make some mini Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzels. If you like to serve different jams and spreads to mix with your cheese, serve some Dole Whip-inspired pineapple jam to make you feel like you're in Adventureland.

If you're looking for finger food snacks to serve next to your cheeseboard, you know you'll make a happily ever after for everyone by putting out a plate of Disney churro bites. To keep on the cheese train, make mini grilled cheeses like the ones served at Woody's Lunch Box in Toy Story Land. Though, the real deal will be what's on your cheeseboard, so go ahead and pick whichever of these five adorable Disney boards makes your heart melt.

This Mickey Mouse-Shaped Cheese Board Is Classic Magic

This classic Mickey Mouse cheeseboard is simple and sweet in design. Use Mickey's ears to hold different crackers or spreads, and then use the main space to display your variety of cheeses.

This Mickey Mouse Cheese Board Has Everything You Need

If you want to take your cheeseboard to the next level, you should get this Mickey Mouse cheeseboard, which includes a drawer that slides out with different utensils. The three utensils include different cheese knives.

Disney is all about the details. You'll notice it with the adorable Mickey Mouse icons on each one of the knives' handles. They're like hidden Mickey's that you would look for when you're spending a day at the parks.

This Mickey Mouse Serving Tray Will Make You Smile From Mickey Ear To Ear

If you have a lot of yummy cheeses you want to try, this Mickey Mouse serving tray is the one for you. It comes with a cheese knife and a detachable glass top, so you can use it as both a serving tray and a cutting board.

The cutting board has Mickey Mouse's signature all over it, and is perfect for cutting up the veggies you want to pair with your cheeses. There's also a Minnie Mouse version that features her iconic polka dots in the board.

This Jack Skellington Board Is Grate For Your 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Movie Night

If you're planning a spooky movie night to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas with your roomies or SO, you'll be totally on theme with this Jack Skellington cheeseboard. The board itself looks like Jack, and swivels out to reveal a set of cheese tools, like a cheese cleaver and cheese spreader.

The Force Is Strong With This 'Star Wars' Cheeseboard

If you want to have a Star Wars movie marathon, this Death Star cheeseboard has everything you need to get through all the movies. This one swivels out to reveal four cheese tools. Serve some Oga's Cantina cocktails with your cheeses for an out-of-this-world happy hour.