Scott Disick Posted A Beachy IG of Sofia Richie, So Looks Like They’re Still Going Strong

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As the winter months set in and the bitter cold continues to bite, I find myself more frequently daydreaming about going on a tropical vacation and sunbathing with a frozen concoction in hand. But alas I'm an actual adult with responsibilities and cannot afford to, so I turn to Instagram and live vicariously through celebrities and other A-listers that can. One such post I came across was from our very own Scott Disick, who is spending time in Mexico this winter (yet again) with a familiar face and clearly living his best life. Scott Disick's photo of Sofia Richie on vacation together tells us this pair is still on and going strong.

If you were questioning whether these two lovebirds are still an item or not, here's your solidified proof. On Jan. 13, Disick took a snapshot of his bikini-clad lady on the beach during sunset and posted it to his Instagram stories. According to US Weekly, the pair are vacationing in Punta Mita, Mexico, and are staying at Joe Francis' beachfront estate (the infamous creator of Girls Gone Wild). The pair have vacationed south of the border before, and apparently had such a great time that they decided to make a return to beat the cold winter months.

Disick flaunted his stunning vacation setting and girlfriend Richie in the post to his stories.

Scott Disick/Instagram

Richie also shared snapshots of her vacation with Disick.

Including this envy-worthy photo of the two relaxing on a yacht out at sea, with a casual helicopter parked in the back.

I'll admit, I don't know whether I'm surprised or not to know that these two are still keeping their romance alive. Despite their 15 year age difference and the taboo nature of the relationship, they've managed to dodge the critics and continue to appear happy and in love.

If you've been following this couple for a while, the news of their relationship continuing to grow comes as no surprise. The last time we've seen the couple in public was over the holidays, where the two spent New Year's Eve together in Aspen, Colorado. Putting in the effort to spend some time together during the holiday season usually hints that a relationship is pretty serious, so from the looks of it Disick and Richie are taking this to to next level.

The unusual relationship between Disick and Richie has only continued to blossom since the two were first rumored to be hooking up back in September 2017. Later that month, things apparently went from hooking up to more serious when the two were spotted in Miami and made waves on social media by sharing the now-infamous "congratulations" cake. The reason for the occasion is still a mystery, but from my guess it looks like the two were celebrating making their relationship official. But that's just one humble girl's social-media-stalking opinion.

It's been about about four months now since that "congrats" cake first hit the interwebs, and Richie and Disick have consistently made headlines with their cute couple pictures and Instagram love. Although Disick and Richie seem to be happy that their romance is still going strong, I don't think others feel the same way — particularly Richie's father Lionel Richie. The father has publicly expressed his concern for the relationship his youngest daughter is pursuing, when he said in October 2017, "I’m scared to death, are you kidding me?" That does not exactly sound promising, to say the least.

Despite how weird this relationship is (you know, with the 15 year age gap and all) the two seem pretty happy, and maybe that should matter more than anything else. I'm almost used to the idea of these two as a couple already, so I'll just let them be and hope for the best.