Scott Disick's Fans Are Pissed He's Promoting Weight Loss "Shots" On Instagram Now

by Jamie LeeLo
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Well, well, well. What do we have here? If it isn't another celebrity hawking weight loss products. I'd say I'm not surprised, but this time, the culprit is a bit of a plot twist. Scott Disick's Instagram ad promoting weight loss "shots" is dumb AF, first of all. Second, fans are used to the Kardashians regularly endorsing body products, but Lord Disick? Why? When? Who gave you this idea? Stop it now.

Here's the thing: the pressure to look and be a certain way is omnipresent, especially for women. This is radically heightened by shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians that feature people with seemingly impossible beauty qualities — things like baby soft skin, nine-foot-long eyelashes, mind-boggling hip to waist ratios, the list goes on and on. So, when said celebrities promote products and claim fans can get the same "results" by purchasing these items, they really are responsible for what happens next. A lot of the time, weight loss products are not FDA approved and come with a number of adverse side effects that make them virtually the opposite of what they promise: unhealthy and unsafe. (Just ask Jameela Jamil.)

OK, so insert Disick and his weight loss shots. The photo he posted is objectively the most boring photo to come out of the Kardashian/Jenner camp, like, ever. It features Disick leaning on a kitchen counter with a poorly lit, blurred-out kitchen behind him. In his hand is a regular pint glass with some mysterious grey/purple-ish liquid in it. Next to him is s 7-week pack of Boom Bod Weight Loss Shot Drink. (For real. That's what they call it.) And, his caption reads: "#ad Getting fit on @boombod weight loss shots. Already seeing great results. It’s up to 50% off today, go get your own at boombod.com."

Wow. Riveting.

As The Good Place actress and body-positivity warrior Jameela Jamil regularly points out, celebrities often endorse hokey products like this for the money, but would never actually consume it. When you have the kind of exposure as Disick and his extended famous family, it's safe to assume he received a pretty penny for the post. This did not go unnoticed in the comments, where people wrote things like, "when the trust fund runs dry," "how much did you get paid for this?" and "is money tight?"

Instagram/Scott Disick
Instagram/Scott Disick

Funnily enough, Kris Jenner liked the photo. Just saying.

Instagram/Scott Disick

As mentioned, the Kardashians are no stranger to promoting these kinds of weight loss products. All of the sisters (like, all of them) have notably shared some sort of shake, smoothie, or tea, promising leaner bellies and higher energy. Even supermodel Kendall Jenner has joined the product promotions game before with beauty products. Obviously, there's good money in it, but at what true cost for their fans?

If someone tries Disick's weight loss shots and they turn out to be a miracle drug that makes you feel great and promote health, I will eat my laptop. Now, that would be really gram worthy.