Ronnie's Girlfriend Visited The 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' House & It Was So Awkward


Welp, Jersey Shore Family Vacation has officially just become a live-feed of watching Ronnie's relationship with his pregnant girlfriend Jen implode. I mean, sure, there is other stuff happening too, but if I'm being honest, this reunion series would be unwatchable and boring if it weren't for Ronnie's boneheaded descent into public disaster. This week, Jen finally came to visit the Family Vacation house and find out what has been going on firsthand. And yes: Ronnie's girlfriend visiting the Jersey Shore Family Vacation house was exactly as awkward and cringe-inducing as you guessed it would have been.

In case you somehow forgot, the pinnacle moment of this entire series has been Ronnie seemingly cheating on his pregnant girlfriend Jen Harley shortly after he arrived at the Miami house. An early Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode documented Ronnie grinding on a girl at the club, inviting a group of women back to the house to hang in the jacuzzi, and then inviting a blonde French woman into his room. It's unclear what happened in Ronnie's room since he closed the door on the show's cameras, but according to his housemates, it doesn't really matter whether something happened or not because his behavior was out of line. Since that moment, the show has been building to a confrontation between Ronnie and his girlfriend, and Jen finally appeared on the show for the first time this week.

Spoiler alert: If you want to remain a Jersey Shore purist and watch the new episode for yourself before reading about it, come back after you've seen Jersey Shore Family Vacation Episode 7, "Baby Mama Drama." The house finally got to meet Jen, and although everyone was playing it off like the day was going smoothly, it was incredibly cringey to watch. Before Jen arrived, the rest of the house was full of jokes about french fries, which is the nickname that they gave to the French woman who Ronnie took up to his room, and Ronnie had to uncomfortably laugh along while hinting that they shouldn't bring the other woman up to Jen.

Well, guess how well that went? After Ronnie and Jen lightly roasted Mike by calling him The Incarceration (honestly, not much of a drag and one that Mike has already heard before), Mike retaliated by asking someone to pass the french fries. Of course, Jen didn't know what that meant, but it definitely made Ronnie heated.

Later, JWoww and Snooki were forced to lie to Jen when she asked them if Ronnie has been good, and finally, Ronnie and Jen went out to dinner to really hash things out. Ronnie let it slip that he was hanging out in the jacuzzi with other women, which obviously upset Jen, but strangely, she did not get too angry. Instead, Jen matter-of-factly told him that it is fine if he doesn't want to be with her, but just to let her know. That struck me as bizarre, coming from someone who is about to give birth to this dude's baby, but I guess she was just finally had enough of Ron's shenanigans.

What made watching this episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation especially cringe-inducing was the timeline of events — a couple of weeks ago, Ronnie and Jen had a very public, very messy breakup, which was chronicled on their Instagram accounts. The explosive fight included Ronnie accusing Jen of keeping sex videos of ex-boyfriends, and Jen firing back that he was a "coke head" unfit to be a father. This all went down just shortly after Jen gave birth to the couple's newborn daughter Ariana.

Obviously, this episode of Family Vacation was filmed months before the couple's messy breakup, and just knowing what was to come for them made watching their awkward attempts at keeping the doomed relationship together sooo much more uncomfortable. Get ready for a lot more awkward Ronnie moments before this season ends.