Ronnie's Breakdown On 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' Has Fans Asking This One Question

Rich Polk/Getty Images

Another week, another cringe-worthy look at Ronnie's sloppiness on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. We are only four episodes into the show at this point, but we have already seen Ronnie fight with almost all his roommates, bond with a life-size doll that looks like his ex-girlfriend, and clog every single toilet in the house. But that all pales in comparison to how Thursday night's new episode ended, leaving fans asking: Did Ronnie cheat on his girlfriend on Jersey Shore Family Vacation? Let's get into all the sketchy details.

Spoiler alert: Don't read on if you have not seen the fourth episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation yet. Once again, Ronnie is at the center of all the drama in the Jersey Shore Family Vacation house this week. Although Snooki and Vinny had a bit of a blowup last week, pretty much all of the good drama in this show has been provided to us by Ronnie, who seems to be the only cast member willing to get as insanely messy as they did back in the day on Jersey Shore. This week's Ron-tastrophe involved him getting wasted off his signature Ron-Ron Juice, flirting a little (a lot) too much with a girl at the club, and then leading her into his bedroom, where we can hear some very questionable noises from the other side of the closed door.

As even the most casual Jersey Shore fan knows at this point, Ronnie has a pregnant girlfriend (she has since given birth) waiting for him at home throughout the taping of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, which makes this hookup-looking behavior incredibly unsettling. After JWoww goes full wing-woman at the club and brings over a group of foreign blonde women for Pauly D, the only actually single housemate, drunk Ronnie jumps in and starts flirting up a storm with a French woman named Antonia.

Pretty much immediately, everyone realizes that this is trouble, and it only gets worse when Ronnie decides to bring all the women back to the house with him. Snooki, Deena, and pretty much everyone take turns telling Ronnie how bad this looks, but he continues to assert that he is going to show self-control and just wants to hang out with these ladies. OK, Ron...

As anyone who has even heard a passing mention of Jersey Shore once in their life could predict, it all hits the fan at the hot tub. It's actually a really creepy, voyeuristic scene when the group gets back home: the four women from the club are in the hot tub and all the guys are in chairs just watching them. Vinny and Pauly finally decide to get in (out of politeness, as Vinny says), and then Ronnie follows, getting closer and closer to Antonia. Trying to prevent a hookup, Snooki gets the bright idea to serve the women giant glasses of vodka disguised as mixed drinks in an attempt to get them to pass out before Ronnie can do anything. Ummmm, is anyone else very uncomfortable with Snooki's strategy here?

Anyways, the strong drinks only really hit one of the women, who pukes all over the house and reveals that she has class tomorrow morning, but Antonia is still standing and ready to check out Ronnie's bedroom. The episode ends before we get any real confirmation about whether Ronnie hooked up with the other woman or not, but the footage makes it seem pretty clear.

Then again, Ronnie stated in an interview ahead of the Family Vacation premiere that he did not cheat on his girlfriend, but rather "did what he had to do" in order to keep the reality show interesting and get screen-time.

Ronnie's hookup will be the focus of next week's episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, so we will definitely be finding out more very soon.