This 'Revenge Body' Trainer Revealed Exactly How To Stay Committed To Your Workout — EXCLUSIVE

by Julia Guerra
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In a world full of renowned personal trainers and athletes, describing Nicole Winhoffer as one of the most original would be an understatement at best. The NW Method founder considers herself a “fitness artist,” someone who focuses not only on transforming her clients' bodies, but doing so in a way that inspires inner expression. Through meticulously designed choreography, the 34-year-old strives to ignite passion in everyone attending her studio classes, including the A-listers she’s trained one-on-one. So when Revenge Body trainer Nicole Winhoffer’s advice for workout motivation came up in an exclusive interview with Elite Daily, it didn’t surprise me that each tip had a common theme: finding and sustaining enthusiasm.

Having worked with Winhoffer in the past (yeah, we’re kinda close, NBD), I was excited to catch up over a quick phone call in between her preparations for the upcoming Propel Co:Labs Festival, where the NW Method founder will be living out one of her own aspirations: dancing alongside the vocal stylings of rapper Ludacris.

“It’s a dream come true,” she tells Elite Daily, admitting proudly, “it was on my vision board.”

Checking things off her to-do list, no matter how big or small, is what keeps Winhoffer thriving in the industry. But I can hear in her voice that dance and fitness isn’t just work for the performer; it’s a passion.

"I really loved being a part of [Revenge Body]," Winhoffer says, "because it supports inner health, and the importance of mind and the heart, and not just the physical appearance."

When it comes to fitness in general, Winhoffer explains, her approach is unique because of her desire to inspire passion in people. Sure, the moves in her classes focus on things like sculpting the arms and contouring the booty, but dancing is about so much more to this coach than aesthetics, and that's something she hopes anyone and everyone will experience during their fitness journey: finding something they love, genuinely enjoying the process, and allowing the transformation to come as a natural, added bonus. Here are some of her tips for achieving those exact goals.

Explore Your Body's Unique Rhythm
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I think most people would agree that the hardest part of any fitness journey is getting started. Maybe this is because you set unrealistic goals for yourself right off the bat, or perhaps you're expecting end-game results instantaneously. Contrary to popular belief, sometimes the best way to motivate yourself to work out isn't to focus on how amazing you'll feel after the transformation, but the way your body feels in the here and now.

Jumping into any form of training — be it dance-focused like the NW Method, or lifting heavy at the gym — can be intimidating, to say the least. A good way to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, Winhoffer says, is to put on some tunes and "move your body freely."

"Pick three of your favorite songs, take your speaker, plug it in real loud, and move your body as fervently and as expressively as you can by yourself," the Revenge Body trainer tells Elite Daily. "That teaches you to move your body and do what you feel, and [will] connect the brain to the heart and the body."

Having that full body, mind, and soul connection during your workout is ideal, Winhoffer says, because that's what's going to make you keep coming back for more.

Find Something You're Passionate About
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There are literally countless ways to work out, and while people tend to associate getting fit just with going to the gym, moving your body and living a healthy lifestyle doesn't necessarily mean spending hours on the elliptical or lifting weights. Take it from someone who dabbles in any kind of exercise or workout equipment she can get her hands on: you have options.

Whether it's a yoga practice, dance lessons, daily walks through the neighborhood, or swimming laps in your community pool, there really is something for everyone. The key is to find a workout routine that resonates with you, and that you truly enjoy. In other words, Winhoffer says, find something you're passionate about and roll with it.

"Pick something that inspires you: a passion, a person, an artist, a song, a painting, a book — something that moves you," she tells Elite Daily. "I think people who have trouble starting or moving their bodies on their road to wellness lack passion, or something they care about."

For Winhoffer, she says she cares about music more than almost anything, and that passion "makes my job, my body, and my motivation so much easier, because it's my go-to emotional solace."

Seek Out Someone Who Inspires You To Do What You Love
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When I first began my own fitness journey back in 2013, I had little to no idea what I was doing in the gym. What I did know was that I loved being there. I loved working up a sweat on the treadmill, and flexing my biceps as I raised dumbbells and barbells in front of a long mirror.

Being the broke college student that I was, I didn't have money to shell out for a trainer. Instead, I did some research (the internet is an excellent resource for free exercises and advice), and found celebrities and trainers who were doing the types of workouts that I wanted to be doing, and I let them set the example. This, Winhoffer says, is the next step to nailing down a solid foundation for staying committed to your workout routine.

"Find somebody in the world who's doing something that you're like, 'Oh my god, that is so inspiring,'" she tells Elite Daily. That way, she explains, you have a much better idea of the direction you want to go in, and the real steps that real people are taking to get there.

Phone A Friend For Accountability
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Winhoffer suggests picking a friend you can not only confide in, but also gush to about this exciting life change you want to make. Sometimes, all you need is that little extra push to get you to the studio for a workout, or someone you can call to vent to when you're feeling anything but motivated. This could be your best friend, your husband, a sister or cousin — anyone you feel comfortable with and can lean on for support.

"If anyone is scared at home to try something new, I would say call or text your friend and tell them, 'I'm really unhappy with my body,' or, 'I'm really unhappy with my job, my dream would be to [fill in the blank],'" she tells Elite Daily. "Then, that friend will hold you accountable."