Here's What Your Workout Routine Reveals About Your Personality

by Georgina Berbari

When it comes to finding a workout routine that fits you to a T, everyone has different schedules and interests that factor into the equation. While one person might crave the sound of their alarm in the morning to head to a sweaty cycling class, the next could cherish those evening hours in their go-to restorative yoga class. You might not realize it, but your workout routine says a lot about your personality, especially because it reflects what you're into, and all of your goals when it comes to your health and well-being.

Honestly, there's no right or wrong when you're trying to create a workout routine that caters to your individual lifestyle. As long as you're moving your body in a way that makes you feel incredible, mentally and physically, you're killin' the game, fam. I mean, personally, the thought of setting an early morning alarm to go for a jog before work makes me want to violently projectile vomit, and I'll never be organized enough to squeeze in my favorite workout class on my lunch break — so p.m. workouts are where it's at for me.

Regardless of what your workout routine looks like, or what time of day you choose to sweat it out, here's what the most basic aspects of your routine reveal about your personality.

If You Work Out First Thing In The Morning

Do you #RiseAndGrind? Do you absolutely crave the sound of your preset ringtone blaring in your ears in the morning, and rolling out of bed for that beloved cup of pre-workout java?

Oh, you little go-getter, you. You're naturally a morning person, and since you have the most energy in those early a.m. hours, that's when you hit the gym to get your creative juice flowing.

Some may question how you have so much pep in your step before 6 a.m., but TBH, that's just how you are, and you love challenging your body and killin' the game before most of the world is even awake.

If You Exercise In The Evening

If you find you're most productive in the evening hours, or love squeezing in a sweat sesh literally the hour before the gym is about to close, it's likely because you're a night owl and find that you're most focused after the sun sets.

You love getting things done after-hours, and honestly, you're probably onto something: According to a 2009 study published in the Journal of Biological Rhythms, night owls actually have peak performance in the evening, and it's their prime time for physical activity, specifically.

Keep doin' you, girlfriend. Keep doin' you.

If You Squeeze In A Sweat Sesh On Your Lunch Break

If you're able to pop over to your favorite fitness studio during your lunch break from work, respect, my friend. You are organized and efficient AF, extremely timely in all areas of your life, and the most diligent gal around.

Sometimes, you might skip out on a post-workout shower to save time, but honestly, no one's judging you because of how damn impressive it is that you constantly slay your #goals all day, every day.

If You Love Working Out In A Group

If you crave group environments when you're going after your fitness goals, it's because you love forming relationships in all aspects of life, you adore having a sense of community, and you kind of cringe at the thought of being alone.

You love being surrounded by the feel-good energy and endorphins of those around you, and have a collaborative spirit beyond compare.

If You Sweat It Out Solo

If you grimace at even the mere idea of being involved in any sort of group environment when you don't have to, or even the concept of having a single workout buddy to accompany you or hold you accountable for your fitness routine, it's because you're independent AF.

You love your alone time, because it's your sacred time of day to clear your mind, feel confident as hell, and give your entire body some well-deserved TLC.

If You're A Die-Hard Yogi

A dedicated yogi loves the feeling of not only challenging their body, but simultaneously connecting to their mind and soul.

You're a pretty calm and peaceful person, and you know how to stay level-headed no matter the situation, largely because you've spent so much time learning how to use your breath as a stress-relieving tool through your practice. You're also mildly unimpressed when it comes to all things superficial, so flashy gifts aren't exactly going to move you.

If You Always Hit The Weight Room

If you're absolutely in love with lifting weights, then you're probably enamored by the feeling of your hard work and dedication paying off and making you feel like the most empowered version of yourself.

You're not only strong AF physically, you also know who you are as a person, and you're not going to change for anyone. Your morals and values are what you live by, and your friends and loved ones adore you for that.

If You're A Runner

Ah, the avid runners. You're incredibly fearless, and you're amazing at time management, all because you've gained a ton of experience over the years working your schedule around your head-clearing runs.

You don't complain about much because you've been through the wringer when it comes to running injuries, and you always come back stronger than ever — every damn time. You never give up, girlfriend, and that's what's so admirable and unique about you.