This Is How You Should Motivate Yourself To Work Out, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Georgina Berbari

You know those days when you're torn between squeezing in an aggressively sweaty HIIT circuit or balling up into a cocoon in your bed and taking a Chipotle burrito to the face? Motivation, man — it can be so freaking hard not to let the guac and carbs hypnotize you into a state of lazy oblivion. However, if you tap into some of the inner workings of your zodiac sign, you just might figure out how to motivate yourself to work out.

Of course, there are so many things you can turn to for gym motivation, from creating a kickass pump-up playlist to rewarding yourself with a beautiful new pair of Lululemons. But according to a study from the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, healthy competition is a prime source of motivation when it comes to exercise.

Now, in the end, there's no one-size-fits-all motivator that'll work for everyone. Whatever motivates one person might not affect the next at all.

But that's where astrology comes in clutch. When inspiration is lacking, sometimes tapping into your horoscope provides just the insight you need to help you see what truly sparks your ambition.

So, if you find yourself one day in need of a metaphorical kick in the butt to go to the gym, here's the best way to motivate yourself according to your zodiac sign.

Aries Thrives On Competition

If something can be turned into a competition, you bet your *ss Aries will be the first one there.

This sign specifically thrives on some playful rivalry, so when it comes to fitness, grab a buddy and sweat it out against each other through a timed circuit.

Taurus Likes To Be Rewarded

Taurus, you've got your eyes forever on the prize.

If you find yourself putting off a workout, tell yourself that you can buy those cute new leggings you've been eyeing for months — once you're done at the gym, of course.

Or, maybe start taking progress pics after your workouts, and let the #gains be your reward.

Geminis Are Motivated By Change

If you're a Gemini, you're motivated most when life keeps you guessing, so make sure your fitness routine includes something different each day. Stumbling into a monotonous routine will surely be a recipe for falling off the workout wagon.

Challenge yourself to try new classes whenever possible, and always look for ways to mix things up at the gym to keep yourself on your toes.

Cancers Want To Make Others Happy

What motivates Cancer more than anything is the people they care about.

To tie this into fitness, try setting up a SoulCycle date with your bae or plan to hit up the weight room with your BFF. The thought of letting them down by canceling will definitely keep you on track.

Leos Have A Reputation To Maintain

TBH, Leos love to impress people.

Find a form of fitness that you're really good at and take no shame in flaunting your skills on social media. Before long, you'll be known as the chick who slays the fitness game.

Virgos Work Hard To Gain Trust

If a Virgo thinks that someone sees them as irresponsible or lazy, it'll bother them to no freaking end. The drive for people to trust them and view them as a go-getter will immediately motivate them to get up and hit the gym.

Try recruiting a reliable friend to hold you accountable when you're knee-deep in a serious Netflix binge and the gym is the furthest thing from your mind.

Libras Keep Promises

Libras don't want to disappoint anyone, and that includes themselves.

So, whether it be scheduling a sweat sesh with a friend or simply making a pact with yourself that you'll wake up earlier each day to squeeze in a quick jog, a quality promise is key for your motivation.

Scorpios Can Be Super Controlling

Scorpio, you have a need for control, so you'll thrive with an exercise that allows you to have it.

If you're deep into your fitness routine, consider becoming a personal trainer. The ability to combine fitness and authority will inspire you to get your booty into the gym ASAP.

Sagittarius Won't Stop Until They Achieve A Goal

#Goals motivate Sagittarius more than anything; they don't just start something and stop it. But the real challenge is actually getting started in the first place.

Try beginning a workout program like Tone It Up or Sweat With Kayla. The challenges and structured schedule are sure to keep your incentive high.

Capricorns Believe In Work Before Play

Capricorns start to feel super guilty if they were supposed to do something but are relaxing instead.

Setting a certain time to work out each day will help keep your fitness routine on track, and once you get your sweat on, you can totally sit back and relax.

Aquarius Is A Problem-Solver

Aquarius, you are highly motivated by turning everything into a problem that only you can solve.

Activities like rock-climbing will help you harness the motivation you're looking for, as the combination of critical thinking and major coordination will be a challenge for both your body and your mind.

You'll never want to skip out on a quality climb. Try hitting the rocks to pump you up before a killer sweat sesh.

Pisces Are Selfless As Hell

Pisces are selfless AF, and leaning into this part of their personality is what motivates them most.

Signing up for a half-marathon that supports a cause close to your heart will not only provide you with another fitness challenge to conquer, it'll remind you why you do what you do in the first place, and help you feel that much more excited to keep slaying.

Lace up your sneakers and get to it!