This Is The Yoga Pose That'll Keep You Calm In 2018, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Georgina Berbari

The new year is the perfect time to experiment with new and rejuvenating ways to move your body and strengthen your mind. And what better way to foster a powerful mind-body connection than by getting on your mat and treating yourself to a fulfilling, gentle yoga flow? Including some grounding and nourishing yoga poses for 2018 into your practice will give your body an incredible dose of TLC. If you're not sure where to start, though, I highly recommend catering your practice to coincide with your zodiac sign to make your time on the mat truly magical in the new year.

Whether you're looking to deepen your yoga practice and experiment with new movements on the mat, or you're simply fascinated by astrology and love learning new things about your star sign, combining the strong practices and beliefs of yoga and astrology will lead you to the perfect asanas to strengthen and refine your innermost personality traits.

Plus, let's be real, the gym is going to be crowded AF for the whole month of January, so taking sanctuary on your mat and moving through fluid vinyasa flows at home will be a welcome change from the usual chaos at the weight rack.

So, as the new year approaches, take some cues from astrology and line up your yoga practice with the stars and all the energy that surrounds you.

Aries Benefits From Energy And Strength
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Since Aries often embodies a mix between enthusiasm and aggression, their energy is best channeled into a warrior pose.

Sinking into an empowering warrior I will allow you to revitalize your entire body and connect to your inner goddess.

Taurus Needs Gentle Steadiness
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The qualities of steadiness, patience, and diligence are what make a Taurus truly incredible.

Chair pose is a difficult and often dreaded asana for many people — but not for you, girlfriend. Finding stillness and strength in this challenging pose will fuel your body with vibrant, feel-good endorphins.

Gemini Is Always Up For A Challenge
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Gemini yogis are all about challenge and change, and they're always seeking to add some playfulness and variety to their time on the mat.

Inversions will be your jam in the new year, and the forearm stand is a great place to start experimenting. Don't be afraid to use the wall as a helpful tool as you're beginning to learn how it feels to be upside down.

Cancer Must Turn Inward In The New Year
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Cancers are all about comfort, safety and familiarity, and this will shine through in the best way when they flow through their yoga practice.

Thread standing forward folds throughout your time on the mat so that you can allow yourself to pause, turn inward, and give your entire body a warm, gentle hug.

If A Leo's Got It, They Should Flaunt It
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Leos love stealing the show and bending into theatrical, expansive poses.

This wild thing asana is exactly what your body will be craving in 2018. Stretch it out, open your heart, and show the world what you've got, my friend.

Virgos Need Logic And Practicality

As classic overthinkers, Virgos need some functional asanas in their practice.

Developing a strong relationship and connection between all of the asanas you practice in your flow is important to you, which means boat pose is where it's at for you, Virgo. It's a killer core-sculptor that'll aid in strengthening all of the other asanas you'll practice in the new year.

Libra's All About Keeping The Inner Peace
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Libras are all about peace, poise, elegance, and stillness, and they're about to take all of that with them into the new year.

Lotus pose will ground you and let you breathe deeply so you can truly claim your space on the Earth with gratitude. If full lotus isn't in your practice, experiment with half lotus until you're ready to take it to the full expression of the asana.

Give Scorpio All The Hip-Openers
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A Scorpio's passion, stubbornness, and pent-up emotions are not being left behind in 2017, and they're going to need an outlet to release that stagnation in the new year.

Hip-openers, like a juicy pigeon pose, will release old emotions that no longer serve you, and allow you to experience all the feels that you've probably been keeping locked up within you.

Sagittarius, It's Time To Open Your Heart To Change
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Sagittarius peeps have huge hearts, and 2017 has probably done quite a number on them.

Don't let this past year close up your heart space, though. Instead, use 2018 as an opportunity to turn the page and open a brand new chapter, a time to create vast, expansive heart space. Camel pose will be your BFF, baby.

For Capricorn, Life Is All About Balance
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Balance and structure are what shapes a Capricorn's practice, so including a couple of tree poses into their flow will really send all the good vibrations throughout their being.

Breathe deeply as you focus on stability and inner stillness; maybe even close your eyes for an extra challenge.

Aquarius Seeks Mind-Body Unity
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Unity of the mind, body, and soul is what defines an Aquarius' yoga practice, which is why it's best to start off with a seated meditation to truly tune into your innermost thoughts.

Sit in a comfortable position, straighten your spine, and close your eyes. Observe your thoughts without judgment, and set an intention each time you're on the mat.

Pisces Needs An Artsy Flow
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Pisces, you're an artistic soul, which means you're all about experimenting with making beautiful shapes with your body.

Once you've included a variety of hip-openers in your personal practice, learning how to mold yourself into a compass pose will be a thrilling challenge for the new year.

Don't push or force anything in this difficult asana. Instead, enjoy the journey, and be patient with the process and work it takes to achieve this unique, beautiful pose.