Princess Eugenie & Jack Brooksbank’s Wedding Body Language Vs. Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Is Similar

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On May 19, 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had one of the most highly anticipated royal weddings ever, and it was breathtaking. This morning, Princess Eugenie and long-time boyfriend Jack Brooksbank exchanged vows, and the two were visibly stoked to be tying the knot. Even though they're two totally separate couples, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding body language was surprisingly similar to Meghan and Harry's in a few key ways. But before we get into that, let's take a look at how each couple first met.

Eugenie and Jack crossed paths while on vacation at a ski resort in Verbier, a town in the Swiss Alps. Friends of the couple told Daily Mail that their connection was instantaneous. They've been dating ever since, and it's been seven years! Harry and Meghan's first meeting wasn't nearly as serendipitous, as they were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend in the summer of 2016. The two hit it off so well on their first date that they ended up going on a second date the following night, according to biographer Andrew Morton. And the rest is history! Here's how the body language at each wedding compared.

Both couples were overcome with joy.
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As you can see, Eugenie and Jack can barely contain their smiles. Needless to say, this is a sign that they're both ecstatic to be taking this step together. "You always know it’s a genuine smile when the corners of your eyes crinkle, and you can see the upper teeth and the cheek muscles get pushed up," body language expert Blanca Cobb told Elite Daily. "You can see that this is a really happy moment for them."

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Similarly, Harry and Meghan were also bursting at the seams with jovial vibes on their special day. "We see pure, relaxed joy on her face," body language expert Traci Brown told Elite Daily. "And he’s grabbing her hand with authority, pulling her toward him... This is exactly what I’d hope to see at this point!"

The pairs both have a super supportive dynamic.
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I would image finally tying the knot after dating your SO for seven years would be amazing, but also extremely nerve-wracking. It was clear between Eugenie and Jack that they were eager to support each other, and that's so great to see.

"When you touch your partner, you’re still making that connection with them — an emotional and physical connection, and that’s what he’s doing," said Cobb. "He has his thumb on top — I can’t tell because it’s a still photo, but I can imagine him sweeping his thumb across her skin in a loving gesture that would provide comfort to both of them if that were to happen, I just can’t tell. But what I can tell is he’s holding her hand and he’s holding it in a nice grasp. It's his way of just saying, ‘Hey honey, I love you.’ It’s sweet."

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"[Meghan and Harry] are sharing the same look with their eyebrows raised to emphasize their emotions silently saying ‘Are you ready for this?’ Their fingers are intimately interlaced so they’re going into this with love as a team," explained Brown. Both couples made it a point to check in with each other during the ceremonies, to share reassuring glances and earnest expressions of affection, which makes it so obvious that the love was definitely flowing.

Their kisses radiated love.
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I'm sorry, but isn't this picture so cute? Something about the way they came together in such a public moment and found their own way to make it private is seriously too much. "They’re both smiling and kissing at the same time, that’s very sweet," said Cobb. "See how he has his hand wrapped around her waist? That’s an intimate place to put your hand. It’s such a sweet kiss. She’s leaning up to him a little bit, he’s leaning down, it’s a nice kiss for them. You can tell his nose is smushed a little bit up against her face. They’re really enjoying the moment."

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When it comes to Harry and Meghan's lip-lock, what stood out was that it was pretty long for a royal kiss, noted Brown, and the strength of their love as a couple really resonated. "We see they have true tenderness for each other both with the length, the look in their eyes and the way he’s pulling her toward him," said Brown.

Even though the connection shared between every couple is different, oftentimes the body language associated with two healthy relationships overlap. It seems like both partnerships exhibit signs that there's enough love and mutual understanding to last a lifetime.

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