Princess Eugenie & Jack Brooksbank's Body Language Shows Major Development Over Time

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Nothing gets people going like a good ol' royal wedding, and it's not often that there are a whole two in one year. This year, we got lucky. Now that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have officially tied the knot, it's Princess Eugenie & Jack Brooksbank's turn. After eight years of dating, these two have decided to finally make their union official. And if their pictures together throughout the years are any indication, then it looks like Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's body language shows a whole lot of lovin'.

ICYMI, Eugenie is Prince Andrew, Duke of York's youngest daughter, which makes her Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter and Princes William and Harry's cousin. According to The Telegraph, she met Brooksbank through friends while on a ski vacation in Switzerland in 2010. After dating for three years, the couple decided to try long-distance after the Princess accepted a job in New York working for a well-known auction house. Fortunately for them, the distance wasn't enough to get in the way of their love, and after two years, Eugenie moved back to London. Brooksbank proposed during a couple's trip to Nicaragua in January 2018, and they announced their engagement shortly after. Can you even??

It's clear these two have had a long, tried relationship. But what does their body language say about how strong their bond is? We can tell a lot about the dynamic of a couple by the way they move around each other. For a hot take on Eugenie and Brooksbank's body language dynamic, I spoke with body language expert Lisa Mitchell. Here's what she had to say.

They've grown closer over time.
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According to Mitchell, since this throwback from one of their earlier public appearances together in 2013, the couple seems to have grown much more comfortable with one another.

"She's facing more outward — not turned toward him — with her torso, showing that she's less comfortable than in the more recent photos where they are not only turned in toward each other, but are in some cases touching or leaning toward each other," Mitchell tells Elite Daily.

The princess is totally smitten.
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"Princess Eugenie is really into him here! She's got her feet pointed toward him, is leaning in toward him, claiming him with her arm around him and smiling at him adoringly with a genuine smile on her face," says Mitchell. TBH, few things scream love as much as seeing someone beam at their bae with adoration. They really do look very cute as an item.

"Jack is showing her a little more casual affection with his arm around her waist but little contact otherwise and he's more pointed toward the photographers with his torso and feet, showing a little more attention outward than toward her directly," explains Mitchell.

Although this could imply he's more interested in the spotlight than in the Princess, Mitchell does point out that this is his "default pose" in many pictures — so, it could just be the way he's most comfortable being viewed in the public eye.

They're on the same page.
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This photo was released with their engagement announcement, which is partially why the pose and setting have such a formal vibe. But even taking that into account, they seem like they're on the same page.

"The feel here is definitely more formal but the genuine smile on Jack's face indicates true happiness," says Mitchell. "Princess Eugenie's smile is more of a forced smile without any eye activation, but again, this could be a result of the increased formality for the occasion. They are standing very close together, with torsos touching at heart level, showing that they are connected and committed on a deep level."

Also, their subtle coordination is serving up some power couple realness. Just saying.

Love is in the air.
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"Although there is still some physical space between them, perhaps for formality, they are clearly feeling connected," explains Mitchell. "The smile on Princess Eugenie's face is a genuine one, with her eyes activated, indicating true happiness. She gazing directly at him as well, indicating that he has her full attention. She very much looks like a woman in love in this picture."

Although it can be tricky to speculate about the connection a famous couple has behind closed doors, analyzing their physical relationship over time can be very telling. Based on the evidence in these photos, it genuinely seems like these two are a happy couple, and seem excited to wed this October. Absolutely cannot wait for Royal Wedding, Part Two!

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