Meghan & Harry's Body Language At Their Wedding Reveals Just How In Love They Really Are

by Chelsea Stewart
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Are you as obsessed with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, as I am? (Of course you are — don't answer that.) Ever since I heard the deets of their uber romantic proposal, I've become a devoted royal wedding watcher, counting down the days until the power couple exchanged their vows. Now that the day has finally come, I can't take my eyes off either one of them. TBH, I'm seriously infatuated with Markle's wedding dress, and I really can't help gawking over how handsome Prince Harry looks, either. But what really has my full attention, though, is Prince Harry and Meghan's body language at their wedding. The two clearly haven't shied away from packing on the PDA at the royal event — and if you ask me, it really shows just how much they're truly meant to be.

Markle and Harry have been going strong since 2016, and although they've never really made an effort to hide their feelings for one another, judging by photos of the two at their wedding, they're growing more and more blissfully in love by the day. I spoke with body language expert Susan Constantine, as well as Traci Brown, another body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, to get their takes on the connection between Markle and Prince Harry on their big day.

Although the two have spent the last few months preparing for their wedding, Brown notes that Harry still appeared to have butterflies in his stomach.

"The look on Harry’s face as he takes the veil off shows just a little bit of nervousness. He doesn’t have the ring yet … He’s thinking ‘OMG, I hope I’m doing this right!’" Brown explains. "There’s no real practice for this moment! And I’m sure he didn’t want to mess up her hair!"

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Even Markle appeared to be nervous, so the two shot each other a playful look to help break the tension. Brown explains:

This picture is so telling and really humanizes them both. I’m thinking it’s just as they meet at the altar. They’re sharing the same look with their eyebrows raised to emphasize their emotions silently saying ‘Are you ready for this?’ Their fingers are intimately interlaced so they’re going into this with love as a team. They’re no different than any other couple!

Constantine echoes a similar comment, saying the two were simply starstruck by each other. "Harry raised eyebrows in amazment of his beautiful bride," she explains. "Meghan looks up with her bright eyes, saying here we are! Locking eyes for the first time as a royal couple."

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Prince Harry has been a bit of an open book when it comes to his feelings for Markle. In November 2017, he even told the BBC that when he fell in love with the former Suits actress, his world was changed forever, claiming it was proof that "all the stars are aligned." In this pic, I'm getting a vibe that Markle feels the same exact way — like Harry really is her Prince Charming and was made just for her.

"We see pure, relaxed joy on her face," agrees Brown. She continues, "And he’s grabbing her hand with authority, pulling her towards him ... This is exactly what I’d hope to see at this point!"

Constantine adds, "Meghan is overjoyed and she leans in to kiss her Prince. Eye lids lowered closing out the world around them to share an intimate kiss. Megan stretches her neck out allowing Harry to take control."

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If you remember, the royal couple initially kept their romance a secret until the public caught wind of it in November 2016. Ever since, the two have gushed about each other in interviews, and we've even seen some of the most touchingly intimate photos of the two that prove how real true love is. But this next one really takes the cake.

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"What’s most notable is how long it is!" says Brown. "We see they have true tenderness for each other both with the length, the look in their eyes and the way he’s pulling her toward him."

Clearly, Prince Harry and Markle are living proof that soulmates really do exist. Here's to the new husband and wife — may they have a long-lasting, happy marriage!

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