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Prince Harry's Birth Chart Shows How Much He Prioritizes His Family's Safety

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Up until Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's tell-all conversation with Oprah, a majority of the public had no idea about the things that took place behind closed doors at the Palace. If you went by photos alone, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had a fairy-tale romance, complete with a picture-perfect wedding and an untarnished first pregnancy experience. Yet, as the Sussexes discussed in the March 7, 2021 interview, living within the confines of a royal establishment can be anything by a fairy tale. Though the public still has questions regarding certain aspects of the Q&A, perhaps Prince Harry's birth chart can help you better understand the secrets and untold agreements he's been keeping safe from the public eye.

For the first time ever, Prince Harry got real and disclosed the challenges he faced growing up as a royal, and even described his experience as feeling "trapped". He went on to describe the lengths he went to keep his wife and son, Archie, safe and protected, choosing not to disclose too much personal information about his other family members, including grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, father Prince Charles, and brother Prince William. It then became apparent that Prince Harry prioritizes the safety and privacy of his family over everything, despite their now strained relationship after his departure from his royal duties and his native England.

If you're looking for answers, the biggest takeaways from Prince Harry's birth chart may hold the keys:

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Prince Harry's Capricorn rising means he's as disciplined as they come.

The cardinal earth sign of Capricorn was rising at the moment of birth for Prince Harry, directing his life in a way that's practical, refined, and down-to-earth. He takes his royal responsibilities very seriously (or, at least he did when he actually had royal responsibilities), and feels most comfortable when he's working toward a goal of some kind. His desire to keep the challenges of growing up in a royal family under wraps stems from his need for self-restraint, and has positioned him as a trustworthy partner and father. He prioritizes finding a logical solution to every problem that presents itself in order to make life simpler for the people around him.

His Capricorn rising is ruled by Saturn in Scorpio.

Since Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, this planet plays a major role in Prince Harry's birth chart. In Scorpio, this indicates that he expresses his productive, responsible nature in a way that is private, controlled, and emotionally cautious. Prince Harry is someone who requires a lot of seclusion, and prefers to make decisions in a subtle, understated manner. He goes to great heights to keep his family safe, and will ensure that he's in a position to do so — no matter what it takes. Saturn falls in the 11th house of friends and networking, indicating how important doing work in the community is for him. He's keenly aware of his role in society, and as a Capricorn rising, he takes that role incredibly seriously.

His sun in Virgo makes him an excellent communicator.

Prince Harry was born at the end of summer, as the weather begins to cool off in preparation for fall. Born during Virgo season, he prioritizes communication, logic, and detailed information. His calling involves being of service for those who could use a helping hand — but the work he tends to gravitate toward tends to take place behind the scenes. He looks for ways to ensure the happiness of others by making necessary adjustments until things operate in the best way possible. His Virgo sun is placed in his ninth house of travel and higher education, positioning him as someone who cares deeply about knowledge and wisdom. He's likely an excellent advice-giver, and don't worry, your secrets are safe with him.

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