Melania Trump & Michelle Obama Have One Big Thing In Common & It's So Charming

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We already know how President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump stack up against each other when it comes to ruling the country. However, first ladies also play a role in the White House, even if not in an elected position. So, you have to wonder, how do they stack up? Well let me tell you, with all of the political division out there, it's interesting to take a look at photos of Melania Trump and Michelle Obama, and notice that they actually have a big thing in common.

Because they definitely have some things not in common. For one thing, unlike Obama, Trump has had to deal with her relationship constantly being put under a lens, thanks to allegations that President Donald Trump had affairs with various women, including adult film actress Stormy Daniels and former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal. (President Trump has denied the allegations of both women, denying an affair with Daniels and calling McDougal's claims "fake news.") So it's no surprise that the public has a close eye on every move she makes — the internet goes into a frenzy when the first lady is spotted just smiling. There's also the fact that President Trump has older children outside of his marriage with Trump, who are constantly in the spotlight and very much a part of his presidency. So there are a lot of moving parts that might put more strain on the relationship.

But that's not to say that they're completely dissimilar. In fact, it seems like the two first ladies have one big thing in common — they both love spending time with kids.

One of the big unofficial roles of the first lady is to be the softer side of the presidency, something that often means doing more than a little gladhandling. First ladies take on tasks like visiting hospitals or schools, as well as making appearances at social events like the annual White House Easter Egg Roll or giving out candy on Halloween. It means a lot of interacting with kids, and honestly, in this fraught political climate, it's just really nice to see something positive and sweet out of the White House. Let's take a look.

Obama really enjoys spending time with her daughters.
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Back in 2014, Obama visited the Xi’an City Wall in China, with her daughters Malia Obama and Sasha Obama. There's Obama hugging her two girls like a regular ol' mom, while they watch performers dance. Obama wrote in her first lady travel blog that she and her daughters had to join in for some dancing. She wrote,

We saw another performance by drummers and folk dancers -- and they did a lovely dance number for us (and my daughters and I joined in for some dancing at the end).

Also, according to Just Jared, the former first lady also joined in some jump roping... which is just plain adorable (also, can someone find me video of that? Thanks).

Trump also loves laughing with her son, Barron Trump.
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Just like Obama, Trump also enjoys being around her son, and is reputed to be a super hands-on mom who refused to hire a nanny when he was younger, according to Business Insider. In fact, she's so dedicated to her son that when her husband was inaugurated as president, Trump and Barron stayed in New York City for an extra five months, reportedly so Barron could finish out the school year. (She got a lot of criticism for it, too.)

Folks on the internet (and in the news) like to comment on how Trump always looks unhappy. So much so that when Trump was spotted smiling with President Obama at Barbara Bush's funeral on April 23, the Internet completely lost it. So it's definitely nice to see her in the picture looking genuinely happy with her son.

Now we know what makes her smile, and ain't it sweet? However, when you start looking at how they interact with kids in more, uh, official settings, some differences start to show.

Obama looks very comfortable reading to children.
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Obama read a Christmas story to Washington, D.C. children in 2012, and even though Bo, the Obamas' dog, stole the show, look how much fun she's having. Obama looks like a total pro reading that book. She has children reading over her shoulder, a fluffy dog on her lap, and she still seems to be acting out the holiday story. It's a pretty familiar sight for the average family.

Meanwhile, here's Trump reading to...
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I have to assume that Trump is reading that book to a group of children at the White House Easter Egg Roll, but where are they? Compared to Obama's holiday reading, with children and a dog on top of her, this scene looks a little... bare.

But you can't say she didn't try, right?

Trump does look pretty OK reading to the children (even if it's not as lively looking as Obama's) but compared to how we usually see the first lady: not smiling with a blank stare, this is a nice change.

Oh, and check out this snapshot of Obama meeting kids during a 2012 campaign visit in North Carolina.
michelleobama on Twitter

Obama was stumping for her husband's reelection in the battleground state of North Carolina on Sept. 19, 2012, but she took a moment to chat with some elementary school students from Y.E. Smith Museum School in Durham at the airport. According to the Wilmington Star News, the first lady hugged the students, talked to them about school, and answered their questions about the White House and her appearance on iCarly. An extremely important discussion, clearly.

Trump was all smiles giving out Easter baskets at a children's hospital.
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The first lady played the role of Easter Bunny in a visit to the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital at the St. Mary’s Medical Center on March 29, and was clearly happy to be there — just look at that grin!

She was definitely less than hands on with the kids, however. Although she joined them at a low table for what appeared to be a chat and craft session she wasn't exactly touchy-feely about it, keeping her hands in her lap and letting her smile do the work.

Kitty cat Obama handing out some Halloween candy.
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For the Obamas' first Halloween in the White House in 2009 the then-first lady decided to get in the Halloween spirit and dressed up as a First Cat Lady (at least that's what I'm calling it). Obama looks pretty excited to be dressed up and handing out candy (plus high-fives) to local Washington, D.C. children at the White House, and that enthusiasm is contagious. I wonder what kind of candy they give out at the White House?

Trump was buttoned up and smiling on Halloween.
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Like Obama, Trump looks happy giving out candy to that skeleton in the MAGA hat in 2017, but you will also notice that she's a little more buttoned up and reserved than Obama — which is her style, I guess. On the other hand, she's not even dressed up, and that smile does look pretty genuine.

Obama and Trump, I believe, do share a love of children, and I think it's a part of the first lady gig that they both really enjoy. However, it's still pretty clear that Obama and Trump are very different people. But, I think it is also important to note that their situations are different too. Barack Obama was a politician well before the family moved into the White House, and it seems that life was always on the table for the Obamas. However, I don't think Trump ever saw the Oval Office in her future when she married Donald. Now, she's constantly on the public stage — and usually garnering some negative attention. Some people are just cut out for the life of a first lady, and some people aren't.

Maybe Trump's just remaking the role in her own image. At least she's found something she likes along the way.