Peter Weber’s Most Astrologically Compatible Relationship Is Surprising

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As Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor reaches its dramatic peak, it’s inevitable that fans will start to compare the remaining relationships. The fantasy suites date left viewers on a cliffhanger, as everyone waits to see whom Peter will choose from his final three: Madison Prewett, Hannah Ann Sluss, or Victoria Fuller. For a better idea of who he might end up with, let’s contrast the two widely rumored frontrunners by analyzing Peter Weber’s astrological compatibility with Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss. The differences between these two relationships could say a lot about his connection with each of them.

Peter is a Leo, born on Aug. 4. Leos are fire signs known for being super confident, generous, and passionate. Life with a Leo is always fun — they’re innately optimistic and ambitious, and they’re a naturally charming person who can light up any room. Leos care deeply about being a loyal partner, and when they fall in love with someone, they fall hard. They also value admiration and external validation from others. This personality trait shows up in a big way for Peter, who has talked about how he wants to find someone who feels just as strongly for him as he does for them.

Leos are most compatible with other strong-willed signs who complement their zest for life. Lucky for Peter, the two women widely considered to be front-runners — Madison and Hannah Ann — are both solid matches for him in very different ways.

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Madison is an Aries, born on Mar. 26. Aries are impulsive, headstrong fire signs who know what they want and aren’t afraid to chase after it. Aries don’t tend to mince words when telling their partner what they need in the relationship. Madison first told Peter about her strong religious convictions on their second one-on-one date, and during fantasy suite week, she explained to him that she was waiting until marriage to have sex. When an Aries makes a decision, they stick to it, and Madison is unlikely to back down about her expectations.

I’m so proud of who I am and the choices that I’ve made,” Madison told Peter during their fantasy suite dinner. “And it’s been so frickin’ hard in this because I’ve had to look past a lot of things.” When Peter confessed he had been “intimate” earlier in the week, Madison got up and walked away. Peter followed and pleaded for her not to leave him.

A Leo-Aries couple is full of strong emotion and conviction, and this is obvious in the way that Peter and Madison interact with each other. The Leo (Peter) is the romantic, devoted lover, while the Aries (Madison) is the resolute and determined force of nature. An Aries knows exactly how special they are, and they can get jealous when they feel like their partner isn’t committed to them. Only time will tell if Peter and Madison are able to overcome this conflict and get back on the same page.

An Aries-Leo pairing is nearly perfect when both partners share the same convictions, but if they don’t, things can get dramatic pretty quickly. They also share an explosive sexual chemistry that stays exhilarating and new — something that Peter and Madison haven’t explored yet.

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Hannah Ann, meanwhile, is a Taurus, born on Apr. 25. Taureans are earth signs, so they’re more grounded and even-keeled than their fiery counterparts. They don’t open their heart up easily, and they’re slow to fall in love due to their tough exterior. A Taurus doesn’t like to show their emotional cards until they’re convinced that this relationship is worth their time and energy.

On their first one-on-one date, Hannah Ann and Peter struggled to connect past the surface level. Hannah Ann told Peter she had never been in love, and Peter questioned whether she was ready to get engaged. “I’m more than anything just frustrated,” he said after their conversation. “I want to know how she’s feeling, but she’s not showing me that. I’m questioning if we do have that deep enough connection.” She eventually broke down to him, telling him that she was having trouble “smiling through this” and keeping a happy face. It was a breakthrough moment for their relationship, and Peter told her he appreciated her honesty.

Leo and Taurus have a shared desire for lasting commitment, and they’ll both fight hard for the right relationship to work. They appreciate the finer things in life and know they deserve to be treated like royalty. The trick for this couple is to balance out their stubborn personalities, and to figure out who will be the dominant partner in the relationship. They need to have patience with each other as they learn to communicate effectively. Sexually, they both like to be the center of attention, so they’ll have to compromise a bit and switch off taking the lead in the bedroom.

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Between these two partners, Peter is most astrologically compatible with Madison. A Leo-Aries pairing is full of passion, enthusiasm, and a never-ending desire for excitement and adventure. It’s by no means a safe match, since Leo and Aries both have strong personalities. They can clash about their different beliefs and values, and this may ultimately drive them apart. A Leo-Taurus relationship is a bit of a slower burn, and the couple might struggle to compromise. They need to learn to be forthcoming about their needs and share them openly with each other.

Fans will have to wait to see which of the final three women Peter chooses. No matter what, the most important thing is that he chooses the right individual relationship. Zodiac signs can give clues about how a couple might connect, but great chemistry is really on a case-to-case basis between two people. If a couple puts in the effort to learn from each other and overcome their differences, they’re laying the groundwork for a happy and meaningful future.