Peter Weber and Madison Prewett's astrological compatibility is promising

'Bachelor' Peter & Madison's Astrological Compatibility Is Straight Fire

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The season 24 finale of The Bachelor has (miraculously) not been spoiled yet, but fans are pretty convinced that trouble is brewing for Peter Weber and one of the frontrunners, Madison Prewett. In a teaser for the finale, Prewett can be heard saying, "If he sleeps with anybody else, it's going to be hard for me to continue to move forward," which is followed by Weber confessing, "Six days prior, I was intimate with someone else." Even though that sounds like a potentially major roadblock for the couple, it's worth noting that Peter Weber and Madison Prewett's astrological compatibility is seriously hot stuff.

Weber's birthday is Aug. 4, which makes him a loud-and-proud Leo. Prewett was born on March 26, which makes her an independent Aries. These headstrong personalities are incredibly compatible, and when these two fire signs get together, they sizzle. With their shared confidence and fiery intensity, these two may get into some heated arguments, but they tend to kiss and make up just as quickly. The best part about a Aries-Leo pairing is their near-perfect sexual chemistry. Of course, Weber and Prewett have no idea if they're compatible between the sheets, as they haven't hooked up yet, and Prewett is waiting until marriage to have sex.

Ruled by the sun, Leos don't allow anyone to dull their shine. They may be extra AF and just a bit egotistical, but those born under this fire sign are also renowned for their positivity, loyalty, and protectiveness. Leos love with all their hearts, and they're never afraid to take risks when it comes to romance.

During week 6, sparks flew after Weber and Prewett shared that steamy telenovela scene during the group date (which finally gave Prewett some much-needed screen time). "He makes me feel like I am the most important person in the world," Prewett later of Weber. "He's super intentional, showing me how much he cares." That's a Leo for you! The following week, Weber even told the former pageant queen that he was falling in love with her, which is a #TotalLeoMove.

Of course, Prewett didn't say she loved Weber back, which is... kind of awkward. Aries are just as fearless as Leos (if not more so), and though they're never afraid to say what's on their mind, they literally can't even when it comes to emotions. "I'm so glad you said that," she told Weber after he confessed his love. "That makes me so happy." Oof.

Just as they're known for being brutally honest, Aries never waver when it comes to their beliefs. Prewett opened up about her faith to Weber in Peru, and in the finale promo, the frontrunner made her views on premarital sex clear: no wedding, no sexual relations. It's unlikely Prewett will change her mind about that, and some fans think her steadfast beliefs may ultimately drive her and the pilot apart.

An Aries-Leo partnership is one of the most passionate zodiac sign pairings imaginable, but if the two fire signs don't share the same passions, then the relationship might just go up in flames. Here's hoping that these two fire signs don't let their differences get in the way of their intense connection.