Peter & Hannah Ann's Astrological Compatibility Is Tricky

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This season of The Bachelor is rapidly approaching its conclusion, when audiences will finally find out which lucky lady made Peter Weber's heart take off for good. One of the frontrunners for his final rose is Hannah Ann Sluss, who got his first impression rose and has remained relatively unproblematic throughout the season. While Peter Weber and Hannah Ann Sluss' astrological compatibility may be a bit complicated, there are some pretty compelling conspiracy theories pointing toward the likelihood that Weber may have found his forever copilot in her. But since audiences won’t really know for sure until the finale, it's time to have a little fun and see what the stars have to say about this couple's dynamic.

Weber was born Aug. 4, 1991, under the sign of Leo, and Sluss' birthday is April 25, 1996, which makes her a Taurus. At first glance, these signs seem like they’d be highly compatible. Both are known for their warm and loving hearts, and for valuing loyalty over everything. However, take a closer look at what motivates them and how they view the world and you can see this combination is a bit trickier than it seems at first glance. That’s largely because both signs have big personalities and strong opinions that can clash and stop them from creating a deeper bond. That being said, there’s still hope for these two if they can find a way to agree on some common ground. Here's what else we can divine about Weber and Sluss' compatibility based on their zodiac signs.

Leo And Taurus Have An Appreciation For The Finer Things In Life.

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For both Leo and Taurus, living a comfortable life is high on their priority lists. Both signs have an appreciation for luxury and an eye for beautiful things. They want the best in life and both know they deserve nothing less. Whether it's going on trips to beautiful locations or filling their homes with art, aesthetics matter to both of these signs and sticking to a budget comes second. That’s why a whirlwind romance full of adventure and excitement can help these two bond quickly. However, it can be harder when real life sets in and both their bank accounts start feeling the strain.

Their Strong Personalities Can Cause Them To Butt Heads.

Both Leo and Taurus have warm and loving personalities, so they're usually easy to get along with. But they also both tend to be dominant people who love being the center of attention and feel very confident that their opinions and approaches to life are the "right" ones. This can create some friction between them, which can bring out their more stubborn sides as both put their feet down and refuse to budge. It will take patience and a true desire to overcome their obstacles to find a compromise they can both live with.

Sexual Chemistry May Be Tricky For Taurus And Leo.

The attraction between Taurus and Leo can be powerful, as they both have a glow and glamor to them that’s hard to resist, and plenty of charm to boot. But when they do make it to the bedroom, it can be a little tricky for these two signs to find their groove. Both Taurus and Leo tend to want to be the star of the show — to kick back and be appreciated by their partner. So, getting used to taking on the more dominant role in the bedroom may take a bit of work and compromise. Fortunately, powerful attraction can ease them into making compromises and finding the right balance in the bedroom, so long as there’s plenty of communication and openness about their needs.

They Have Power Couple Potential If They Can Put Their Differences Aside.

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When you look at Leo and Taurus’ overall compatibility, a relationship between the two can look like an uphill battle. But here’s the thing: When the right Leo and Taurus come together, it's worth every bit of effort, as they have the potential to be a total power couple. Their shared values around living the best life can become the basis for a shared goal — something to strive for and work on together — which can create a powerful, loving, and lifelong bond. It will take work, communication, and compromise, but when these two signs make it work, it really works.

Only time will tell if Hannah Ann and Peter make it all the way to the final rose. But based on their astrological compatibility, if that does happen, it’ll be just the first step into a future of challenges and potentially amazing rewards.

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