Tweets about Madison's Fantasy Suite date

Bachelor Nation Is Screaming After That Fantasy Suite Week Cliffhanger


Madison's Fantasy Suite date was a wild ride. Fans of the show knew she had decided to wait until marriage to have sex, but she hadn't yet brought up that subject with Peter. Of course, it was bound to come up during Fantasy Suites, the first real opportunity contestants have with the lead for some true alone time overnight, and the revelation to Peter unfolded in an emotional way. Unfortunately, the situation left in a major cliffhanger when Madi walked off, and the tweets about Madison's Fantasy Suite date on The Bachelor prove fans just can't handle not knowing how it's going to unfold.

Immediately at the start of the Feb. 24 episode, Madison took Peter aside to vocalize her concerns about the upcoming Fantasy Suite week in Australia. While she insisted she didn't want to give Peter an ultimatium, she did say that she would find it difficult to move on if he chose to be sexually intimate with any of the other contestants. At the end of the day, she left it to Peter to decide what to do with that information.

Long story short, Peter did choose take that "next step" with Hannah Ann and Victoria in their respective one-on-one dates. And he had the hard job of revealing this fact to Madi, his third one-on-one date of the week, during the evening portion of their date. Madi told Peter she was abstaining from sex until marriage and again reiterated she would find it difficult to proceed if he had sex with any of the other ladies. Peter admitted this fact to her, and after some conversation, Madi walked off. He followed her and pleaded "don't walk away," but she said she was unsure and proceeded to walk away.

The episodes don't show how it all plays out, but previews for the next episode show only Victoria F. and Hannah Ann at the rose ceremony, which Madison is also supposed to attend. From the dramatic moments, to the cliffhanger ending, Twitter had some feelings about Madi's date.

First, some people seemed really concerned about the remote jungle location of this very intimate talk.

And when the situation ended in a cliffhanger, most people were shocked and confused:

Others made light of the situation through thoughtful memes:

Some users got a little more in-the-feels for watching one of the apparent frontrunners walk away from her potential love match.

And while some people thought Madison maybe should've expected this was coming...

...others applauded her for sticking with her beliefs.

The Bachelor continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The March 2 episode will be The Women Tell All episode, so fans will have to wait until March 9 to see how Madison's situation unfolds.