Pilot Pete's Zodiac Sign Says He’s The Kind Of Partner You Want To Land

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If you're a member of Bachelor Nation, chances are you've already heard the rumors that Peter Weber, aka "Pilot Pete," is a frontrunner to become the next Bachelor lead. And while Tyler C. may have been the supreme babe of the season, I honestly couldn't think of a better pick for Bachelor than Pete. He's got the look, the sweet guy-next-door charm, and he can fly a freaking airplane. The cherry on top? What Pilot Pete’s zodiac sign says about what he's like in a relationship, because this TBH, this fire sign is smoking hot.

Pete was born Aug. 4, under the sign of Leo. If you've ever loved a Leo, you already know that this warm-hearted and generous sign makes for an excellent partner. They are extremely charming and a joy to be around. They can sometimes be a bit self-centered, as they're infamous for craving attention, but when they turn their romantic focus onto you, it can be hard not to get caught up and bask in the warmth of their glow. Needless to say, if Pete does get the call to take on the Bachelor title, the competition for his heart is going to be fierce.

Here's what we can divine about what being with Pete would be like for whatever lucky lady gets the final rose, based on his zodiac sign.

He Loves To Spoil His Partners.

Leo may have a reputation for craving all eyes on them, and it's not far from the truth, but this is usually balanced out by their generosity. When they care about someone, they can’t help but want to spoil their partner, showering them with gifts and affection. They have an appreciation for the finer things in life, so it just makes sense that they'd want to share those things with the person they love most. So, if gifts are your love language, find a Leo like Pete.

He’s Confident, But Requires A Lot Of Attention.

Leos have no shortage of self confidence. Their desire for attention isn't a sign of insecurity, but rather, the opposite. They feel like they deserve to be center stage and, to some degree, that can translate into their relationship style. This sign’s ruling heavenly body is the sun, and like the sun, they are happiest with their relationships when everything revolves around them. (No shade.) (Pun intended.) If they feel like they aren't being treated the way they think they deserve, they lose interest quickly and have no problem moving on.

Trust is not an issue with this sign.

While Leo tends to attract plenty of suitors, you don't have to worry about them being unfaithful or straying. This sign values trust and fidelity, and when they're in a committed relationship, they commit. It's worth noting that this sign can be a little jealous and possessive if they suspect they're not getting the same level of commitment from their partner. Fortunately, this can be soothed fairly easily by lavishing them with the praise they need to feel loved and appreciated.

There's Never A Dull Moment In The Bedroom.
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Like all fire signs, Leo is extremely passionate. This sensual sign boasts a strong sex drive and the confidence to try just about anything in the bedroom. That being said, this sign takes a very chivalrous view of sex with their partner, so they tend to put their lover's needs before their own. Don’t get me wrong: They expect reciprocity, and tons of praise for their sexual prowess. Fortunately, they earn it.

I guess what I am saying is: If your fave on the last season of The Bachelorette happened to be (the oh-so-dreamy) Pilot Pete, consider it officially validated.

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