Pilot Pete Will Reportedly Be The Next Bachelor, So Expectations Are Sky High

by Daffany Chan

Are you already gearing up for the new season of The Bachelor, even though Bachelor in Paradise is still in full swing? Because I definitely am. Thankfully, there's already plenty of news buzzing around Bachelor Nation about who the next leading man will be for the hit reality show. Will Pilot Pete be the next bachelor? According to E! News, the fan favorite is reportedly the standout option for the next season. This news is just so juicy and there's so much to unpack. Here's what you need to know about Pilot Pete and the search for next year's Bachelor.

Fans of The Bachelorette will surely remember Peter Weber, or Pilot Pete, from Hannah Brown's season. If you loved the 28-year-old from that season, then you're in for a treat since E! News reports that he'll most likely fill the lead role for Season 24 of The Bachelor. BTW, the new season airs Jan. 2020 on ABC, so mark your calendars. If Pilot Pete does end up the leading man this time around, it means that the other frontrunners, such as Mike Johnson, Tyler Cameron, and Derek Peth, won't get their shot at love on the reality show this season.

So why aren't the other candidates getting the coveted spot this season? An insider tells E! News that "Pete was always the first pick but producers wanted to see how Paradise went with Mike. They love him but aren't sure if he is ready to carry a whole show." Tyler is also no longer in the line-up since he's now reportedly dating model Gigi Hadid. The two met on Instagram, and have been seen out in public on a bunch of adorable dates. Finally, that leaves Derek, whom fans were really rooting for to take the next spot as the bachelor. According to sources at E! News, however, it will be a "long shot" that fans will be seeing Derek passing out roses in Season 24.

It makes total sense that Pilot Pete should take the coveted role of the next bachelor. As you might recall, the commercial airline pilot was the second runner up on Hannah's Bachelorette season, so it's clear that his charming personality and super good looks can win over hearts. He also has an awesome job as a pilot and has been actively flying since he left The Bachelorette. Lastly, he is a good role model that gives back to causes he supports. Peter and his brother are committed to giving blood and even shared in an Instagram post: "It's been a dream of ours to one day start a foundation in honor of our grandmother Aurora who fought Leukemia."

So when will we be seeing an official announcement about Pilot Pete as the next Bachelor lead? It isn't clear yet, but E! News notes that The Bachelor usually does test shoots before announcing their choice. Since there has been gossip on the internet about a production crew that was recently spotted in Peter's Southern California neighborhood, there might already be something brewing. I'd keep an eye out for further rumblings about Pilot Pete, because the Bachelor Nation is definitely not messing around when it comes to the search for the next leading man.