Gigi Has A Plus-One To The VMAs & OMG, What If It’s Tyler?

by Korey Lane
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/ABC

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that supermodel Gigi Hadid and former reality television heartthrob, Tyler Cameron, have been spotted together and are rumored to be somewhat of an item. Of course, neither Hadid nor Tyler C. have confirmed whether or not they're actually dating, but they've been photographed together so many times by now that it seems a little obvious that something is going on between these two. Nevertheless, they were only seen together for the first time in early August, so the fact that Tyler Cameron might be Gigi Hadid’s VMAs date is honestly the most dramatic thing that's happened since The Bachelorette finale. (You know, the same one where Tyler C. got dumped by Hannah Brown, only for her to ask him out on live television. No big deal.)

There's been no confirmation that Hadid and Tyler C. will attend the event together, but a photo of the award show's seating chart has people talking. While Tyler. C's name isn't actually on a chair, Hadid's seat has an empty one next to it, presumably for her to bring a plus one. Again, there's no telling who the 24-year-old supermodel will bring as her date, or if that seating arrangement is even the final plan. But whatever happens, fans would not be able to keep calm if Hadid brought along Tyler C. Elite Daily has reached out to reps for both Hadid and Tyler C. about the possible plus one scenario, but did not hear back by publication.

Their reported relationship didn't come without some complications. In fact, Tyler C. was first spotted out with Hadid on Aug. 4, a mere two days after he was spotted with Hannah, presumably on the date he agreed to on ATFR. According to Us Weekly, a source reportedly revealed that the two got drinks and then Tyler C. spent the night at Hannah's apartment. "He spent the night," the source reportedly said. "He went to her house and stayed there and left in the morning."

The fact that Tyler C. went out with Hadid so soon after his date with Hannah did not sit well with fans who shipped him with Hannah. Nevertheless, he and Hadid have been spending a ton of time together, so there's no telling how serious they are about each other. In fact, Hadid began following Tyler C. on Instagram on July 22 — barely a month ago. Since then, they've been photographed all around New York City, went to Lake George together on Aug. 16, and even hung out with Serena Williams in New York City on Aug. 21 — all within a three week period. Tyler C. and Hadid's reported romance has been a whirlwind, to say the least, so it honestly wouldn't be shocking if the two attended the VMAs together and made their red-carpet debut.

At this point, the drama off-screen is so much better than what would happen if Tyler C. were to be the next Bachelor (especially if he goes to the VMAs with Hadid), so maybe it's a good thing he's shooting his shot with the model. Only time will tell.