Pauly D Literally Looks Unrecognizable Without Gel In His Hair

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If you're not watching Double Shot At Love, do you even value high quality television? For real, I didn't realize how much I missed the boys of Jersey Shore until this early-2000s-style dating show brought them back onto my TV screen and into my life. The most surprising part of their comeback has nothing to do with their dating lives, however, and everything to do with Pauly D's natural hair. I know, right? What a plot twist.

Before we begin, let's get one thing straight: I was born and raised on the Jersey Shore. I come from a very Italian family, where everyone looks like an extra on the OG TV show. I am constantly chastised by family members for not being tan enough, and not consuming enough pasta at Sunday dinner. My uncles have names like Guido, Snooki, Chico, and Brother, and my aunts will not have us over without starting the meal with an antipasto course that could feed thousands. I'm an expert in all things Jersey Italian, which is quite different than Italy Italian, to be clear, so there is no one more fit to report on a hard-hitting journalistic matter like Paul DelVecchio's hair. Capiche? (JK, we don't really say capiche.)

If you need a reminder, here's what DJ Pauly D's famous locks looked like in 2010, when Jersey Shore was at is peak:

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Large chunks of the show were dedicated to his getting-ready process, during which he styled his hair for hours until someone shouted "Cabs are here!" and the crew headed out to the clubs. Or just to D'Jais.

Who knows how many bottles of hairspray and jars of hair gel the cast went through per season, but my guess is a lot:

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When a new show featuring Vinny and Pauly was announced this year, I half expected the boys to show up with all new looks as evidence that they'd ~grown and matured~ since their shore house days.

LOL, the joke was on me. Pauly's D'Jais-ready strands lived on:

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TBH, I'm not mad! In a weird way, it warms my Jersey heart. So when Pauly took to Twitter to share a gel-free hair selfie, I was totally caught off guard.

"Haters Will Say It’s Sweat, No Gel, Beard, Chest Hair, Outside :)," he captioned the pic:

Is my Jersey showing? Because I think he looks really good:

I'm serious! I never expected to see him rocking the headband trend for summer 2019, but I'm not even mad at it. I would even go as far as saying I prefer this look over his usual spiked-up strands, but that said, you do you, Pauly D! Live your hair gel-loving life. I would never dream of stopping you.

Plus, the ladies on Double Shot At Love are perfectly fine with his hair. No complaints here, it seems:

If you're invested in Pauly's hair journey, you can watch Double Shot At Love on Jerzdays (Thursdays) on MTV. Pauly D, if you don't find love on the show and want to meet me for a cannoli date sans-hair gel, HMU.