This $5 Elastic Headband Is One Of The Biggest Trends Right Now & You Probably Have 12 Already

EllenTube; Beretta/Sims/Shutterstock

Most often, when it comes to "doing my hair," I'm blow drying, curling, straightening and styling. In 2019, though, the approach to great hair is finally becoming a little more relaxed, and a good accessory thrown on is all it takes to make my bedhead look chic, and even intentional. ICYMI, the black elastic headband trend is one of the most popular right now, and top models and stylish celebs everywhere are rocking it on and off-duty. You know me, and I'm more of a ten-glitzy-barrettes-on-my-head-at-once kind of gal, but for days when I need something quick, easy, and stylish, the black headband is about to become my (former, and now) new staple — and if you're into the trend, then yours, too.

When I was a little kid, my mom wouldn't send me off to school without having me throw on a stretchy black headband. It was comfortable, kept my fluffy waves tamed, and a major time-saver in the morning. Many of my friends showed up to school with ornamental braids, multicolored ribbons, or perfectly-slicked ponies, but I knew back then that a simple black headband was the right move, and finally, celebs are out here taking my advice. I first noticed the trend might be making a comeback when I saw Kendall Jenner wearing one on Ellen. Childhood Me was shook.

Kendall is a fan of laid-back looks, so a simple black headband makes sense for her vibe:


She paired the wide headband with a black-and-white polka dot dress and a red lip for a pop of color:


Immediately, I texted my mom to see if we still had some of my former fave headbands back at home. While I waited for her reply, I decided to see who else had heard about the trend, and you guys: Literally everyone is in on it. The trend is not, in fact, on the rise, it's risen. And it's not going away anytime soon.

Bella Hadid paired her black headband with yellow-tinted sunnies to accessories a stylish white ensemble:


She then worethe headband again for a more casual, off-duty look, and it was just as great:


Turns out, the trend was predicted by fashion icon Tom Ford, who had model Kaia Gerber walking the Fall Winter 2018 runway with a wide black band of fabric done up headband-style.

Kaia's was more of a leather-look fabric, but it is black, and it could very well be stretchy!

Kelly Taub/WWD/Shutterstock

When my mom let me know that the headbands of my youth were no longer, I knew I had to pick up a few new ones to reclaim my rightful title as the originator of this trend (Tom Ford, call me. We need to talk.). The Scunci Black Headband Wide 5-ct ($5 for five, have enough to wear a fresh black headband every day of the workweek, which I like, and the Goody Ouchless Jersey Fabric Headwrap 6-ct ($3 for six, contain not just a black stretchy headband, but a bold white, as well as vibrant colors like purple, pink, and blue. Spring has sprung, people, and while black will always be in style, there's nothing wrong with trying out a vivid color for this look, too!

BTW, if you really hate the feeling of a stretchy headband, you can always take a page from fashion influencer and author Aimee Song, aka Song Of Style, who threw a more structured black headband on at NYFW:

The Clarissa Padded Headband ($9, originally $12, looks like a pretty good dupe, and though I'm partial to my stretchy black versions, I'd definitely give this a go for more formal affairs.

Like I said, this trend is here to stay, and the best part about it is that it's so easy. Actually, maybe the best part is that headbands are so inexpensive. Or, maybe the best part is that virtually anyone can wear the trend — I've seen headbands atop pixie cuts and holding back super-long strands, and they always look fun and stylish. Bottom line, there are a lot of things to love about stretchy black headbands, so I'm glad to see them getting their time in the style spotlight.