Olivia Rodrigo Deja Vu Music Video Experiences: Ice Cream
Olivia Rodrigo's "Deja Vu" Video Is Full Of Experiences You Can Do With Your BFF

It's no secret that you and your best friend are true Olivia Rodrigo stans. After the release of "drivers license," you completely ditched your go-to playlists to stream the track on repeat. Then the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star dropped her second single, "deja vu," on April 1, 2021, along with a vibe-y music video — and your entire spring itinerary — and suddenly spring vacation just got a whole lot more exciting. Where will you and your BFF start on this sweet list of Olivia Rodrigo's "deja vu"-inspired experiences?

Before you map out your schedule, you should consider the latest health and safety guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Even if you're fully vaccinated, the CDC's guidelines note that the best way to protect yourself and others from spreading and/or contracting the coronavirus is to stay home. You should postpone unnecessary travel plans — even with your bestie — and take necessary precautions like wearing a mask, keeping your hands clean and away from your face, and social distancing with anyone outside of your immediate household if you do happen to step outside.

Luckily, a lot of these Olivia Rodrigo "deja vu"-inspired experiences can be done in the safety of your own car. As Melissa Dohmen, senior communications manager at Orbitz, previously told Elite Daily, "[Your car] hasn’t come into contact with anyone else." Or, if need be, these experiences can also be done virtually, so you don't have to miss out on the immaculate vibes and pics. You can participate in these "deja vu"-inspired experiences in your backyard or living room simply by Zooming or FaceTiming your best friend on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

As true Livvies, the only issue you'll run into is deciding which of these experiences to have first — and whether or not you should film said experiences on an old-school video camera. (Hmm, that's a "yes.")

Wear Matching Green Dresses
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Adding a #look to your closet that Rodrigo would approve of is a no-brainer, and the "deja vu" music video gives you the cutest look to shop for. In one scene, Rodrigo and her costar, Talia Ryder, wear matching, bright green dresses to show they are essentially the same person, having the same experiences.

Open up your laptop and shop online for a similar dress with a BFF. Once your dresses arrive, take separate yet similar mirror selfies and post them on Instagram. It'll be a real trick on your mutual followers.

Take A Drive On The Coastline

Spring is the best time to go for a drive, because it's not too hot and not too cold. This year, you can play "deja vu" while riding down the coastline, just like Rodrigo does in the first scenes of the music video. To really channel the star, wear a large pair of sunglasses and scarf on your head.

If you and your bestie don't live together, you can still enjoy this experience by taking separate cars, but planning to follow the same, beachy route.

Eat Strawberry Ice Cream With Sprinkles

When Rodrigo is riding in her car, there's a tasty-looking cup of strawberry ice cream in her hand. She later brings the treat up in the lyrics, singing, "Strawberry ice cream, one spoon for two."

While you shouldn't share a spoon with your best friend, you can go out for ice cream and add sprinkles to your own treats this spring. You can pose for a picture while licking the spoon, and chat about your lives, crushes, and big dreams.

Watch Your Favorite Episodes Of 'Glee'

Are you and your best friend also big fans of Glee? It seems like you're in good company, because Rodrigo sings about the show in "deja vu." She recalls hanging out with her ex, and "watching reruns of Glee, being annoying, singing in harmony."

Take a Saturday afternoon this spring to have this experience with your BFF. Turn on reruns you totally forgot about, sing to the songs you still know the lyrics to, and have a ball.

Gaze At The Clouds
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In the spring, you'd say "yes" to any activity that's outside. Why not take a note out of Rodrigo's playbook and gaze at the clouds in your backyard?

Granted, she's laying on the clouds in the music video for "deja vu" — but that doesn't mean you can't spread out a towel, grab some lemonade, and daydream under the sunny sky. You could even bring a guitar with you and learn how to play "deja vu" yourself.

Braid Your Hair At The Beach

For this next experience, grab a couple of hairties and head to the beach. That's where Rodrigo and Ryder sit on a huge stack of rocks and sport the same double-braided hair look. You and your BFF can recreate the scene before running into the ocean and dancing in the sand.

Sing The Chorus To "Uptown Girl" By Billy Joel

In the lyrics to "deja vu," Rodrigo makes it a point to tell her ex that he only knows about Billy Joel because of her. She says he is probably playing her "Uptown Girl," and they're likely singing each chorus and verse.

Recreate this experience by FaceTiming your BFF and turning on "Uptown Girl." Belt out the lyrics and even harmonize if you can. If you're feeling extra creative, you can also turn this into a duet on TikTok, and see whether any of your other friends in your crew hop on.

Take Photos In Front Of A Television Screen
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You're always looking for photo shoot ideas. Especially after a year of taking self-portraits, you want to add something artsy and unique to your Instagram feed. Look no further than this scene from the "deja vu" music video, where Rodrigo stands in front of a stack of television screens.

Play the music video on your television screen, and pose with each of the dreamy scenes as they go by. Your best friend can stand behind the camera, or take screenshots if you're chilling and having this experience via FaceTime.