Simon and Daphne dance together at a ball in 'Bridgerton.'
The Best 'Bridgerton' Musical Duets On TikTok Will Have You Singing Along

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Bridgerton fans have probably found themselves deep within #BridgertonMusical TikTok right about now. The idea was started by TikToker Abigail Barlow who wrote a few songs for the hypothetical show. Now, it's hard not to scroll by some of the best Bridgerton musical duets on TikTok. Everyone's eager to sing along, and a few videos truly prove that this musical needs to happen.

One of Barlow's most popular songs to duet is "Burn For You," which is a duet between Daphne and Simon. Barlow posted a TikTok singing both parts, and then she followed it up with a second video where she just sings Daphne's part so that anyone could duet with her as Simon. It didn't take long before other TikTokers accepted her duet request, and now, there's a whole cast of Simons belting their hearts out.

TikTok makes it easy to get lost in the scroll watching video after video, that before you know it, you're going down a rabbit hole of looking through the hashtag #BridgertonMusical. However, here are some of the best Bridgerton musical duets to check out first and foremost. You never know, these may even inspire you to post your very own Bridgerton duet as well.

This Duet Will Truly Make You Swoon

One of the best "Burn For You" duets is from TikToker @nick_t_daly. It's so good that you'll be swooning shortly after you press play. Some TikTokers have even added to the duet by posting their reactions, while another TikToker synced up the duet with the actual scene from the show.

This Duet Deserves All The Applause

Henry Jacob Platt also channeled Simon and delivered a Bridgerton musical duet that so deserves a round of applause. Platt posted the dreamy duet on TikTok and even noted in the caption, "Why is this the most genius thing ever?"

This Duet Is Pretty Magical

JJ Niemann appeared in Ratatouille The TikTok Musical, and now, posted an epic duet as Bridgerton's Simon. Since you know Niemann can dance on TikTok, you can only imagine the choreography you'd see in the staged version of Bridgerton.

This Duet Is One You'll Be Obsessed With

TikToker @miaruby captioned this TikTok duet, "OBSESSED!!!" and viewers will likely feel the same after watching it. Not only is the singing great, but the acting in this duet is top-notch.

This Duet Is All About A Simone

What if it wasn't Simon, but Simone instead? That's what @cat.strat proposes with this duet to "Burn For You." It's safe to say Strat crushed it and makes you want to grab your hairbrush and sing along.

This Duet Added A Viola To The Mix

TikToker @barringtonmcqueen not only brought amazing singing skills to the table, but a viola, too. McQueen dueted the video twice, first singing as Simon and then playing the viola.

This Duet Has Major Likes

Another jaw-dropping duet comes from TikToker @joshuarobertcolley. The video already has over 300K likes in just one day, so if you haven't watched it, what are you waiting for?

This Duet Has Anthony Bridgerton Vibes

@thejohnbatt just joined TikTok and contributed to the Bridgerton musical. Batt's first video is the "Burn For You" duet, and the second one is of Batt singing a proposed Anthony Bridgerton solo. You don't want to miss either one of them.

This Duet That Was So Good, It Was Made Into A Sound

Sometimes, if something is a really awesome sound on TikTok, other TikTokers will want to use it. That's the case with @taylor.b.hudson's duet. It was so well-received that followers asked Hudson to make it a sound of its own, which you can now listen to in a second video.

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