November 9, 2020 Will Be The Worst Week For These Zodiac Signs

The sun is in dark, truth-seeking, and transformative Scorpio and you're learning the meaning of sacrifice and gain. Symbolized by the venomous and resilient scorpion — a creature that thrives in the arid conditions of the desert — this zodiac sign can go through the toughest circumstances and come out untouched. It's ironic that a water sign would be ruled by a creature that lives in the desert, but therein lies Scorpio's strength to stay true to itself and remain strong in spite of external threats. The week of November 9, 2020 will be the worst for these zodiac signs — Aries, Libra, and Sagittarius — but it's teaching them that loss can be the greatest teacher.

First and foremost, this week could be a difficult one for your relationships. Not only is Scorpio season a time of extremist and stubborn thinking, making it harder to see eye to eye, but Venus — planet of friendship and love — will oppose aggressive Mars retrograde on Nov. 9. Expect arguments and discord instead of harmony and understanding. While this could also turn up the heat in the bedroom and encourage sexual desire, the energy could also boil over into something a bit too overwhelming for a weak relationship to handle. When Venus squares off with obsessive and destructive Pluto on Nov. 15, jealousy and intensity gets thrown into the mix.

Luckily, it's not all bad, because Mars — planet of drive and ambition — will station direct after a long retrograde on Nov. 13. This shift will likely feel so motivating and energizing. Over the past few months, Mars retrograde may have inhibited your passions and deflated your willingness to compete. Prepare to feel like jumping back into the game and trying your hardest.

Here's what the following zodiac signs can expect:


Aries: You're Embracing A Powerful Energetic Turning Point

You've been through a lot lately, Aries, and you've taken a cosmic beating. Your ruling planet, Mars, has been retrograde for the past few months and it's probably made you feel exhausted and defeated. Luckily, things are starting to turn around, because Mars retrograde ends this week. However, you're still deep in the transformative mud, because the sun and Mercury are both in your eighth house of death and rebirth. Be patient, Aries. You're slowly regaining your strength and soon, you'll be stronger than ever before.

Libra: You May Feel Extra Negative Or Insecure About Yourself

You're in the midst of a strange and confusion time, Libra. On one hand, loving Venus, your ruling planet, is in your first house of the self, flushing you with positivity, beauty, and affection. However, this week, your Venus return takes on a dark tone, because on Nov. 15, Venus will form a square with paranoid and destructive Pluto. This could cloud your perception of yourself with fear and obsession, making you concentrate on things you don't like about yourself. Remember that you're more than superficial ideas of beauty and perfection, Libra. Remember the emotional and spiritual depth you have. That's what's more important.

Sagittarius: You May Be Dealing With Self-Destructive Tendencies

Take a deep breath, Sagittarius. You're deep in the hazy dog of your 12th house of spirituality and undoing. The experience could make you feel like withdrawing from the world and insulating yourself in your own little dreamworld. However, it could also be bringing up fears and wounds from your past, causing you to deal with your current situation using coping mechanisms that no longer work for you. In fact, these coping mechanisms may even be working against you. Whatever you do this week, don't sabotage your success.