New 'Bachelor' episodes on Feb. 3 & Feb. 5 mean drama is ahead

‘The Bachelor’ Will Air 2 Episodes In Week 5, Meaning Double The Drama


For those who think two hours of The Bachelor each week just aren't enough, get excited, because there will be a whole lot more very soon. After fans watched major dramatic moments unfold in the Jan. 27 episode — like Alayah returning, Victoria P. and Victoria F. confronting her, and the rest of the women calling out Peter for not spending enough time with them — ABC announced it would air another two-hour episode on Wednesday in addition to an extra-long Monday episode. And after all that unfolded last week, and the cliffhanger ending it left fans on, it's safe to assume both Bachelor episodes on Feb. 3 and Feb. 5 are going to be full of action.

Warning: Spoilers for The Bachelor Week 4 ahead. While there are always inevitable dramatic moments on The Bachelor, Week 4 really stepped it up a notch when Alayah decided to fly to Cleveland and make her case to come back on the show. After some heated conversations between Victoria P., who seemed to have contributed a lot to Alayah being sent home, Peter ended up inviting Alayah back, and even gave her the night's group date rose, much to the disappointment of basically everyone else in the cast.

All the conflict surrounding Alayah's return was only amplified when she revealed to the ladies that Victoria F. previously dated Chase Rice (who was prominently featured in Victoria's recent date with Peter), which earned her a major chewing out from her fellow cast member.

All of this chaos made the contestants even more frustrated with Alayah, but they were also upset with Peter for letting the situation claim so much of his time. They were not shy in vocalizing these feelings at the beginning of the night's cocktail party, and everyone seemed to spend the rest of the evening either telling Peter they wanted more time with him, or explaining their side of some Alayah-related event. It all seemed to shake Peter, and the episode left fans with a "to be continued..." ending.

In addition to wrapping up the looming rose ceremony, the Week 5 preview shows The Bachelor will travel to a new, tropical location (but the women were so pumped about Cleveland, *wink*), which ET revealed is in South America. It looks like several steamy make-out sessions are on the horizon for Peter, as well as more conflict among the women — this time, between Sydney and Tammy.

Next week might also detail Peter's freak accident which led to him getting stitches. "There was a ton of blood," Weber told ET about the incident, adding: "My forehead was literally split open."


The promo doesn't cover the Alayah drama, but it will likely need to be addressed at some point next week. With no rose ceremony in the Jan. 27 episode, the show has a lot to cover, which could be part of the reason behind the upcoming two-episode week. Check out the full teaser below for a preview of what's to come.

The Bachelor will air episodes on Monday, Feb. 3, and Wednesday, Feb. 5, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.