Mindy Kaling’s tweet to Taylor Swift about ‘Miss Americana’ is so sincere.

Mindy Kaling Had The Sweetest Message For Taylor Swift After Watching ‘Miss Americana’

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Mindy Kaling is giving Taylor Swift love after watching her Netflix documentary, Miss Americana. The documentary released on the platform back in January, but Kaling finally got around to watching it recently. Afterwards, The Office alum took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the flick and they were so genuine. Mindy Kaling's tweet to Taylor Swift about Miss Americana is a rave review and it couldn't make stans happier.

Kaling posted her Swift-loving tweet on Thursday, March 12, writing, "I absolutely loved #MissAmericana, the @taylorswift13 documentary." She continued, "I loved her music but now I love her (that's weird to say about someone I've never met)." The star told her followers, "If you make your own art, if you've ever been underestimated, if you love and worry about your mom, it's a must see," finishing up the tweet with the biggest nod to Swift's artistry and her relationship with her mother.

Fans were totally here for Kaling's tweet, with a ton of comments agreeing that the documentary was one of the best things they've watched recently.

Swift has recently opened up about her mother's health, specifically in an interview with Variety. She told the publication her mother is her "guiding force," and "it was a really big deal to ever speak about her illness." Swift finally disclosed that while her mother was going through cancer treatment, "they found a brain tumor." Her relationship with her mom was a big part of Miss Americana.

Kaling likely related to Swift's struggles in dealing with her mother's health. Kaling lost her own mother to pancreatic cancer in 2010, and she has since opened up about how difficult it was for her. This similarity is one reason Kaling reflected on Miss Americana as a must-see for anyone who loves and worries about their mother, but it seems that Kaling has developed a deeper sense of respect for the artist, too.

It's clear that Kaling's comment on the documentary touched fans, as they commented positively on her tweet:

Miss Americana covered so much ground, it definitely made Swifties feel closer to the pop star. And rightly so, because frankly, Swift's documentary has so much to unpack. The subjects get deeply personal, revealing things like Swift's past struggles with an eating disorder, her decision to voice her political views rather than staying silent, and a brief mention of her relationship with Joe Alwyn.

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Miss Americana is still on Netflix, ICYMI. Meanwhile, Swift is still making fans, including Kaling, feel so much admiration for her strength and prowess by revealing an inside look into her life as one of the world's biggest pop stars.