10 Details In 'Miss Americana' Even The Biggest Swifties Probably Missed

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Taylor Swift has lived her life in the spotlight ever since she was a teenager. She's truly grown up in the public eye, and, through it all, she's had so many successes, as well as a few setbacks. Swift's Netflix documentary Miss Americana goes through Swift's biggest career moments (both the good and the bad), as well as what went down behind the scenes. Fans learned so much about Swift from watching the film, and these 10 facts about Taylor Swift from Miss Americana are some of the best ones.

Following the release of her 2017 Reputation album, which referenced the star's experience with fame and the media (particularly in her hit single "Look What You Made Me Do") Swift's 2019 album, Lover, touched on a much lighter subject: love.

From self love to romantic love, Swift's new album was a refreshing change from the darker themes on Reputation. Still, Lover was just as serious, as it also covered several social issues Swift had been scared to address in the past. In "You Need To Calm Down," Swift showed public support for the LGBTQ+ community, and in "The Man," she addressed her personal experience being a woman in the music industry. While Lover proves to be Swift's most honest album yet, Miss Americana reveals that it took a long time for her to get there.

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Here are 10 facts fans learned about Swift from watching Miss Americana:

1. Swift took an old-fashioned approach to songwriting.

In the opening scene of Miss Americana, Swift flipped through some of her childhood diaries, revealing she began her first one at just 13 years old. She used her diaries to write all her songs, however, instead of using a pen or pencil, Swift opted for a quill and ink, meaning she couldn't erase anything if she made a mistake. Luckily, Swift was a natural-born songwriter, and finished songs very quickly.

2. Swift has a pink "B*tch Session" diary.

In the same scene where Swift showed off her childhood diaries, fans saw a quick flash of one of her journals named "B*tch Session." It was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but it had fans talking all over Twitter because they're desperate to know what's in it.

Previously, Swift revealed some of her diary entries in her Lover deluxe versions from Target, so fans are wondering whether they'll get to see her "B*tch Session" entries someday, too.

3. Swift looked up to country singer LeAnn Rimes.

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At one of her first gigs, Swift opened up about how she fell in love with country music. "One of my first memories of country music was when I was six years old and my parents took me to see LeAnn Rimes in concert," she told the crowd.

Rimes had a similar start to Swift, as she rose to stardom at just 13 years old. Flash forward to 2020, and now Rimes is a huge fan of Swift's, as she covered her Zayn Malik collaboration, "I Don't Wanna Live Forever," on YouTube.

4. Swift always wanted to be known as "good girl."

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Swift revealed that, ever since she was a kid, she wished to be thought of as a "good" person.

"It was the complete and total belief system that I subscribed to as a kid," Swift explained. "Do the right thing. Do the good thing. Obviously, I'm not a perfect person by any stretch, but overall, the main thing that I always tried to be was a good girl."

Swift's need to be accepted was only emphasized when she began her music career, as she would often get compliments for her songwriting.

5. Swift got the news about her 2018 Grammy snub from her mom.

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The day the Recording Academy revealed the 2018 Grammy nominations, Swift was really nervous. To distract herself, she did some cleaning and rearranged boxes around her house, until she finally got a call from her mother, Andrea Swift, who then told her that Reputation didn't receive any nominations.

Instead of dwelling on the news too much, Swift used her failure as motivation to create what would eventually be Lover. "This is fine. I just need to make a better record," Swift tearfully said.

6. She was stalked by fans while living in NYC.

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Miss Americana briefly touched on Swift's relationship with Joe Alwyn, who Swift described as having a "wonderfully normal, balanced life."

Because of her rocky relationship with the media over the years, Swift chose to keep her relationship with Alwyn private. However, while the two were living in an NYC apartment together, a crowd of Swift's fans would wait for her every day to catch a glimpse of the star entering or leaving her apartment, which made her really uncomfortable. Swift revealed someone even broke into her apartment and slept in her bed.

7. She knew "ME!" was going to be Lover's first single.

Fans saw the amazing moment when Swift and her team were in the process of creating "ME!"

Swift began experimenting with the song's first verse on the piano, before moving on to its background instrumentals. After a long night session, Swift and her producer Joel Little came up with the song's entire first verse and chorus. Swift looked visibly tired, but said she was fine because "this means it's working."

8. Swift recorded Lover at Electric Studios in NYC.

Swift recorded the entirety of her Lover album at Electric Studios, located in the Greenwich Village of New York, New York. It used to be a venue where legendary artists like B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Dave Van Ronk performed, but Jimi Hendrix and his manager Michael Jeffery bough the place in 1968 and soon converted it into a professional recording studio. According to its website, Electric Studios is the "oldest working and thriving recording studio in New York City."

9. She felt a lot of pressure before releasing Lover.

Following Reputation's massive success, Swift admitted expectations were high for Lover, and that's why she was determined to make the album her best one yet.

"There's so much pressure going into putting new music out. If I don't beat everything I've done prior, it'll be deemed as a colossal failure," Swift revealed.

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10. She credits her success to her songwriting abilities.

Swift said that in the music world, every artist is known for a "nice specialty thing they do that sets them apart from everybody else" and hers was songwriting.

"My storytelling is what it is for me. I know that, without me writing my own songs, I wouldn't be here," she explained.

The singer also said that, whenever she drops a new album, she feels it's as if fans are reading her diary, and it's how she continues to connect with fans.

With the release of Miss Americana, fans feel like they know Swift more than ever before.