Mindy Kaling Revealed How She Sticks With Her Workout Routine & I'm Obsessed With Her

by Georgina Berbari
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Working out has always been a way for me to just set aside an hour for self-care each day, and let go of all the BS that doesn't serve me in life. I know it probably sounds cliché to some, but seriously, with a consistent workout routine, I've become more confident, self-assured, and I'll even venture to say it's made me a better human in general. I guess that's part of the reason why Mindy Kaling's motivation for working out resonates with me so much: For her, exercise isn't about looking a certain way or meeting a certain standard; it's about making yourself feel good from the inside out.

Kaling was recently chosen as the cover star of Shape magazine's June 2018 issue, and in her interview with the outlet, she revealed what her typical workout schedule looks like, and more importantly, why she loves moving her body and challenging herself on the reg. The Mindy Project Star also told the magazine she works out four to five times a week, even in the midst of all the chaos of her current lifestyle, which includes being a new mom and, you know, a super successful, ridiculously busy celebrity. So basically, Kaling must be some kind of goddess-superwoman-crossbreed or something, because I get tired just looking at the promotion emails I get every day from my gym.

That, or as Kaling told Shape, she simply loves working out, and the way it makes her feel.

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She told the magazine,

I love working out. I don't go to therapy, and I think that's because I get endorphins from exercise. It's such a powerful tool for me mentally.

Of course, therapy is an incredible tool when it comes to taking care of your mental health, too, and it has its own unique set of benefits, but what's really admirable here about Kaling is that she talks about exercise not as something that's a means to an end, but as something that's a genuine part of taking care of her health, that simply makes her happy. Ugh, swoon.

Kaling also told Shape that she likes to mix up her mood-boosting workouts, which include SoulCycle classes, strength-training sessions with her trainer, and even some yoga once a week. See, variety really is the spice of life, friends. The Ocean's 8 actress added,

For someone with my personality, which is somewhat skeptical and cynical, it's really good for me to do yoga and take it at face value. Because I'm Indian, I feel like I should be good at yoga, but I'm terrible at it. It's my way of trying to get back to my roots.

Did I mention I'm obsessed with her?

Kaling's amazing philosophy on working out and living her best and happiest life is that "strength and confidence are the most important things—period," she told Shape.

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(In case you needed a photographic reminder, Mindy Kaling is my queen.)

But really, Kaling's shown time and again what an awesome role model she is for young girls and women everywhere. This quality about her really shines through in her interview with Shape, particularly when she talks not just about her workout routine, but her new baby, too:

Working out is a way for me to have mental strength, and now, with a kid, it's also time that I have just for myself and to focus on my body.

And as for teaching her daughter to use working out as a confidence-booster the same way she does, the Champions actress added,

I was not [confident] as a child, and I want my daughter to be really confident all the time. I'm going to do that by always making her feel like she is good enough and not being stingy with encouraging comments.

Best mama ever — you rock, Mindy.