Mila Kunis' New 'Do Is So Stylish & Chic, It Has Me Tempted To Book A Haircut

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It's a broad statement, I know, but a true one nonetheless: Mila Kunis looks good all the damn time. I have never, not once, seen this woman look less than spectacular, and considering we literally watched her grow up as she starred on That 70s Show, it's safe to say she never had an awkward phase, so I just can't relate. She can really do no wrong, and whenever she changes up her look, I'm always excited to see the results; this time around, I need to let everyone know that Mila Kunis' new lob has to be in my top 5 Mila hairstyles of all time. It's a competitive list! But this ultra-chic chop quite literally makes the cut.

If you didn't notice, hair trends over the past few months have almost consistently declared longer locks as "out" and shorter strands as "in". Obviously, all hair is gorg, whether it's buzzed or down to your booty, but I still enjoy learning about the trends when I'm in need of a little inspiration! Bobs and lobs have been making waves on the

If you

If yeverywhere, and all your faves from Khloe Kardashian to Chrissy Teigen to Karlie Kloss have given the lob a go at least once in the past year. Always a stylish starlet, it's no surprise Kunis wanted to give it a go, too!

If you recall, Kunis had a true bob almost a year ago, and has been slowly growing it out but keeping strands tidy with regular trims ever since:

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The Instagram-less Mila's new 'do was revealed via a post by hairstylist Renato Campora:

Okay, love. Those collarbone-skimming strands with that smize is a recipe for perfection, and girl couldn't look better if she tried. I'm always a fan of a deep center part, too, and it looks especially chic and sophisticated with a bouncy lob like this one.

"Long bob #haircut for #milakunis going to @theellenshow," wrote Campora of the snapshot, so it looks like I'll need to catch the Ellen re-run to see these strands in action. He did post a few other photos, though, so in the meantime I have those to fangirl over.

When Campora posted this shot of Kunis' hair tucked into her collar, I wasn't sure if they'd gone full bob instead of lob...

But after a little styling, the final lob look was revealed, and it was major:

Campora's comments were aflutter with fans of Kunis singing her new look's praises."What’s not to love- you’re so talented!!!" wrote one commentor, another praising the hairstyle's "70s vibe." "I want that hair cut please and thank you," pleaded another commentor, and girl, same.

BTW, if you're also #TeamLob, I highly suggest throwing Campora's Instagram a follow for even more inspo. Kunis isn't the only celeb he's posted rocking a stylish lob as of late, and with every new photo, I'm more tempted to book a haircut.

Gal Gadot's wavy lob and deep side part really pique my interest...

And Naomi Watts' assymetrical bob moment is really giving me life...

And OMG, this lob on Margot Robbie? That's it, get me some scissors:

It's safe to say bobs and lobs are as "in" as ever for spring 2019, and Kunis' latest trim suits her style so, so well. Maybe it's time I get a lob, too? Clearly, everyone in Hollywood is doing it, and hair peer pressure is the only kind of peer pressure to which I'm willing to succumb.