Mike Johnson Wrote The Flirtiest Comment On Julie LaPlaca's Thirst Trap

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm going to be honest: Though I'm into Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan's rumored reconciliation, I was really kind of hoping the big Season 24 reveal would be a romance between Pilot Pete and Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca. I mean, that's reality TV gold, right? The producer may not have gotten the pilot's final rose, but it seems like she's piqued the interest of another Bachelorette alum. You might think that Mike Johnson's comment on Julie LaPlaca's Instagram is totally random, but seeing as he's become the king of thirsty Insta comments, I'm not all that surprised to see him shooting his shot with LaPlaca.

On April 2, LaPlaca posted a ~glamour~ shot of herself lounging on a bed with the caption, "Me, all day everyday right now." Johnson commented with, "Damn! Are you a producer or the future bachelorette 🌹," which had all of Bachelor Nation like 👀. LaPlaca responding, saying, "& I hear you're the bachelor now? 😏," referring to Johnson's April Fool's Day IG announcement. He replied back with, "lmfao yesterday only." Fun! Flirty! Michael Garofola from Season 9 of The Bachelorette also got a little saucy, commenting fire emojis and replying to Johnson's comment with, "I think she's whatever she damn well pleases in this photo! Haha." Watch out, Mike — you may have some competition.

This definitely isn't the first time Johnson has slid into IG comments looking for love. Back in Sept. 2019, the Air Force vet hit up Demi Lovato after she made her interest in him very clear. Johnson's flirty comment on Lovato's bikini pic even got him a few dates with the singer, but sadly, the relationship fizzled out soon after.

And let's not forget the time Johnson tried his luck with actor Keke Palmer in October — though in this case, he did it live and in person. During an appearance on Strahan, Sara and Keke, Big Mike expressed regret about publicly discussing a kiss he shared with Lovato... and then proceeded to ask Palmer out on air. To say it didn't go as planned would be an understatement.

In February, Johnson reached out to fellow Bachelor in Paradise alum Katie Morton a few months after she announced her split from Chris Bukowski. After Morton posted a selfie of her and Demi Burnett to the 'gram, Johnson commented, "Beautiful eyes all around 🌹," and though she replied by thanking him, there's been nothing more to report about those two.

Right before Weber and Flanagan dating rumors started circulating, Johnson even expressed interest in the Chicago-based lawyer during a March Q&A sesh on Instagram Live alongside Connor Saeli. "I think Kelley has amazing, uh, what do you call it? Dimples? I think that she's a little badass, that's for sure," he said. Sorry, Mike, but I think that ship has sailed.

Will Johnson eventually find love? I sure hope so. But in the meantime, Chris Harrison, could you arrange a special episode where Mike Johnson and Michael Garofola duke it out for Julie LaPlaca's love? That would be great, thanks.