Mike Johnson Said The Flirtiest Thing About Kelley Flanagan

by Candice Jalili
Craig Sjodin/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Ready for more Bachelor tea? These stars keep rolling out the gossip, and honestly, bless them. Mike Johnson’s comment about Kelley Flanagan is the latest bit of Bachelor Nation news to keep folks entertained. During a March 22 Q&A sesh on Instagram Live alongside Connor Saeli, Johnson straight-up gushed about Flanagan. "I think Kelley has amazing, uh, what do you call it? Dimples? I think that she’s a little badass, that’s for sure," he shared, per Cosmopolitan, before concluding: "That’s all I’m gonna say." Can somebody open a window? I feel like it suddenly became, like, 400 degrees in here.

Since Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor wrapped up, Flanagan has proven to be one of the more talked about contestants from the show. ICYMI: Flanagan was rumored to have hooked up with Peter Weber following their season of The Bachelor, but she swiftly shut those rumors down during a March 12 conversation with E! News. “I have heard that. I heard that I’m pregnant and I also heard that I’m with Peter right now,” she told E! News. “I’m not with Peter. I promise I’m not dating Peter. I’m not dating Peter.”

That same night, Flanagan was spotted looking "cozy" with Nick Viall at Chris Harrison's new Seagram's Escapes Tropical Rosé launch party. Viall stirred the pot even further by posting a picture of himself and Flanagan from the event to his Instagram page, making the caption "She's not with Peter."

Needless to say, the post caused people to immediately start shipping Flanagan and Viall:

But that rumor didn't pan out to be true, either. "I met Kelley at Chris [Harrison]'s event," Viall explained during a March 18 promo for the 107th episode of his podcast Viall Files. "She's a nice person, you know? She didn't disappoint in person. I thought she'd be cool in person. Everyone likes to think that there's something going on... and there's not."

Maarten de Boer/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Here's to hoping things wind up working out for Johnson and Flanagan. Or here's to hoping they don't! Basically, I'm just here for whatever makes Flanagan happy. If that's a relationship with Johnson, who clearly appreciates both her dimples and her personality, then great! If that's continuing to rock riding solo, then that's great, too.