Nick Viall Got Real About Those Kelley Flanagan Dating Rumors

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I'm sorry if any of you were hoping for a new Bachelor Nation couple, but Nick Viall's response to rumors he's dating Kelley Flanagan makes it pretty clear that they are not an item. "I met Kelley at Chris [Harrison]'s event," he explained during a March 18 promo for the 107th episode of his podcast Viall Files. "She's a nice person, you know? She didn't disappoint in person. I thought she'd be cool in person. Everyone likes to think that there's something going on... and there's not."

The topic of Viall's rumored relationship with Flanagan came up when he was asked about his thoughts on rumors Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron are back together. Long story, short: He thinks there's a chance they could be, but he also wouldn't be surprised to find out that they're still friends just like him and Flanagan.

That being said, Viall he thinks Brown and Cameron are definitely enjoying having Bachelor Nation fans speculate about whether or not they're together. "I don't think they want people to calm down," he said with a laugh after referencing a picture Cameron's pal Matt James posted of himself with Brown on the beach in Florida, which many fans took as another clue that Brown and Cameron are back together.

If Cameron and Brown are trying to get fans to talk, Viall fully acknowledged that he's not one to judge. "Listen, when I posted a picture of Kelley, I was fully aware of what people might say," he admitted. "And I really enjoyed meeting Kelley. She's wonderful in person, but I don't think that [Cameron and Brown are] against people speculating. Right? You don't put that on the internet if you mind people speculating."

Rumors of a possible fling between Viall and Flanagan after, as he said, the two met at a party thrown by Bachelor Nation host Chris Harrison. The two were reportedly spotted looking "cozy" at Harrison's new Seagram's Escapes Tropical Rosé launch party on March 12. "Nick approached the group that Kelley was in and they all hung out and talked for a while," a source reportedly told Us Weekly on March 12. "The two of them looked pretty friendly while chatting with one another."

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Fellow Bachelor Nation alum Wells Adams even managed to snag a video of the two seemingly flirting at the event and post it on his Instagram Story, alongside the caption: "Once a bachelor, always a bachelor." While Viall was speaking to a group of women, Adams only chose to tag Viall and Flanagan.

The rumors got even more intense after Viall stirred the pot by posting a picture of himself posing with Flanagan at the party alongside the caption, "she's not with Peter." The caption was a reference to rumors Flanagan hooked up with Peter Weber after the season wrapped up, but many fans took it as a hint Viall meant she's with him.

Comments by Bachelor captured this epic comment from Chris Harrison: "Loved seeing you guys get so cozy last night. Here for it." And this seal of approval from Hannah Ann Sluss: "Wow I'm kind of liking this."

Now that it's been established that Flanagan and Viall are officially not an item, let's get back to hoping Cameron and Brown are the real deal.