Michelle Obama Just Wore The Sparkly Pink Suit Of My Dreams & Nothing In My Closet Will Ever Compare

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Do you know how hard it is getting dressed in my same old denim and booties every day knowing damn well gorgeous outfits like Michelle Obama's sparkly pink suit exist? It's difficult, let me tell you, but I perservere. After all, if anyone should have the right to look fabulous, its former First Lady, author, and activist Michelle, so I'm definitely not hating — I'm just a tiny bit jealous of the perfection that is this suit, that's all. If you know what I'm talking about, join me in singing praises to this look, and if you're out of the loop, then oh boy, prepare to be blinded by the beauty that is the expertly tailored, tastefully embroidered, millenial pink suit of armor that is about to become a piece of lady boss history. Make that herstory, actually.

Let's begin by stating the obvious: Michelle Obama's wardrobe is the least inspiring thing about her. She's intelligent, talented, articulate, bold, brave, and kind, but there's still no denying that in addition to all these things, she's got herself a great sense of style. While she kept her look a little more toned down during her time as First Lady, she's used her current book tour for memoir Becoming to really show off.

How, you might ask? By sporting the most gorgeous pink suit I've ever seen:

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Remember that chapter in The Great Gatsby in which Tom asserts that Gatsby isn't really upper class because he wears a pink suit? Yeah, well, Tom can take several seats, because Obama looks exceptionally sophisticated in her pink suit. She sported the look while at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark for her book tour, so in the name of a literary theme, my reference is relevant.

The suit is the perfect shade of millennial pink adorned with clusters of galactic crystal embellishments:

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According to Harper's Bazaar, the look was designed by Copenhagen's own Stine Goya, and you can snag an aqua version on Net-A-Porter for a cool $2,310. The millenial pink shade is nowhere to be found online, and in an Instagram expressing how thrilled they are to have her wear the design, the brand explains her suit is custom made.

BTW, I didn't even notice the big hoops and the turqoise nails. Michelle, I worship you:

"For us, @michelleobama represents everything we strive to represent through our collections – strength, intelligence, independence, confidence – Mrs Obama possesses a vivacity and spirit like no other!" wrote the brand's Creative Director, Stine Goya, on Instagram "Her role as an activist, mother, writer shows the multiplicity of the female spirit - we are so honored to have been considered to work with her for the European / Scandinavian tour." Well said!

This isn't the first time Obama has served us head-to-toe color while on her book tour. Peep the dreamy creamsicle vibes from her Austin tour date back in February:

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And may we never forget the glory of that yellow dress and those Balenciaga boots from December 2018:

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Iconic, to say the least. Obama has really embraced taking risks when it comes to her look, and she always does so in a way that's still elegant, tailored, and classy — with some added sparkle for good measure.

Perhaps this look from the 2019 Grammys first sparked her love for a glitzy suit?

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Based off her Instagram Story post, it's clear she was really feeling her Copenhagen style:

Michelle Obama/Instagram

Consider this both a love letter to the look as well as my formal request for Obama to run for president with her stylist as VP. I'm convinced they're a duo that can do no wrong.