May 8, 2021 Will Be The Best Day For Libra

This Is The 1 Day In May That'll Be Full Of Adventure For Libras

As the most dynamic air sign, your sociable, creative, Libra nature allows you to thrive in any environment, and springtime is no different. Being Venus-ruled, Taurus season doesn't feel like unfamiliar territory to you, but the grounded, fixed nature of this sign may inspire you to get some of your affairs in order. Your desire for unity and partnership is getting some much-needed attention from the cosmos, and they're asking that you implement some essential boundaries in your personal relationships. You're learning how to show up for yourself in new and exciting ways, and May 8, 2021 will be the best day for Libras to continue on this new journey of self-love and personal growth.

Since Taurus is also ruled by Venus, this season is ideal for forming those connections you love so much with other people, while consciously identifying your own needs in these endeavors. This season has likely prompted you to take a closer look at how you show up for others, but more importantly — how others show up for you. Your eighth house of transformation is currently jam-packed with planets, and you've been prioritizing getting your affairs with others in order and under control so that life can move smoothly and more efficiently. On May 8, however, your partnership-loving planet will transition into your ninth house of experience, shifting your perspective to a light-hearted and more curious outlook.

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May 8, 2021 Will Be The Most Adventurous Day This Month For Libra

Since Venus is your ruling planet, the signs it travels through will have a huge impact on how you seek unity and togetherness in your life. On May 8, Venus will be moving into Gemini, the mutable air sign of the zodiac that prioritizes learning, communication, and social interaction. Gemini governs over your ninth house, so your desire for unity, relationships, and creativity will shift from prioritizing boundaries in relationships to learning, traveling, and spiritual growth. This energy will complement your Libra nature beautifully, and allow you to open yourself up to new people, places, and things.

If the fixed nature of Taurus season has been making you feel stagnant and limited, May 8 will be the perfect time to plan a (safe) getaway, preferably by car since Gemini energy is all about road trips. If you've got a roommate or SO down for an adventure, be sure to have them in tow. Your sociable nature will truly thrive during this time, and will make for valuable conversations and possible newfound interests or hobbies. This time is perfect for traveling to somewhere new, but even enrolling in a fun new class or taking up a new skill is an excellent way to use this energy for your benefit. As mid-May approaches, Venus will be joined by the sun and Mercury in your ninth house, so be sure to prepare for plenty of excitement during this time.

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