May 26, 2021 Will Be The Best Day For Sagittarius

Expect Powerful Transformations On This 1 Day In May If You're A Sagittarius

Being the adventurer of the zodiac isn't always easy, but springtime allows you to really spread your wings and explore new horizons. As one of the most optimistic signs of the zodiac, you're always looking for the next exciting endeavor, and Gemini season fully supports that. As your sister sign, Gemini energy is adaptable and lighthearted, and allows you to find balance within yourself, as well as in your birth chart. With your seventh house of partnerships being lit up during this month, finding balance in your new relationships as well as prioritizing your own personal growth will be the topic of discussion, which is why May 26, 2021 will be the best day for Sagittarius.

With your ruling planet, Jupiter, moving into Pisces (the other sign it rules) on May 13, spring is supporting your expansive nature in abundant new ways. You'll start to notice some growth in your fourth house of home and family, providing you with a much-needed safe space to retreat to. Despite needing plenty of freedom, having a secure home base is proving to be essential, as well as maintaining healthy relationships with those around you. With three planets moving into your seventh house this month, much of your energy will be directed to connecting with individuals with whom you can easily communicate and learn from. On May 26, however, the first lunar eclipse of the year will be taking place in your sign, marking powerful transformations in your relationships, as well as within you.

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May 26, 2021 Will Be The Most Transformative Day This Month For Sagittarius

An eclipse is essentially an "eclipse" of light, blocking the light from the sun from illuminating the earth. A lunar eclipse, in particular, occurs when the earth blocks the light from the sun from getting to the moon. They tend to coincide with very powerful events, and take place about four times each year. They happen in pairs and in signs that are on the same axis, like Gemini and Sagittarius. When eclipses take place in your sign, they always mark a period of powerful transformation.

As a mutable sign, you're someone who really leans into changes, so the shifts that take place will likely coincide with some major life events for you. Since lunar eclipses are like super potent full moons, there will likely be an ending of sorts that occurs during this time as well. The new chapter you're embarking on in your life requires you to let go of something or someone, to allow bigger and better things to take their place. With your chart ruler in Pisces during this time, these changes will likely align with the dreams and ideals you have for yourself and your future. There will be a solar eclipse two weeks following on June 10, so the two-week period between May 26 and June 10 will be a very transformative one for you. Buckle up, because the excitement you're looking for is on its way.