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These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week & It's Good Vibes All Around


Are you ready to ask questions and have long conversations that stretch across hours? Are you in the mood to laugh like you've never laughed before? Prepared to have so many thoughts at once that you can hardly sleep at night? With the sun is in mutable air sign Gemini, it's the main reason why May 25, 2020 will be the best week for these zodiac signs. If you happen to be born under the influence of Gemini (duh), Libra, or Aquarius, then you'll love everything that's to come, especially this week. Even though Venus may be going through a very confusing and disorienting retrograde, it's not enough to stop air signs from finding plenty of reasons to party.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by everything, the good news is there are very few major transits taking place this week, aside from messenger Mercury entering protective and intuitive Cancer on May 28. However, the week begins with an exciting, inspiring, and motivating transit known as Mars sextile Uranus on May 25. Mars is the planet of ambition and courage while Uranus is the planet of individuality and erratic change, and when these planets meet, you'll feel as if you're flush with energy and encouragement to go against the grain. If you've been stuck on a project, this transit might help you concoct brilliant ideas to move you forward. If you've been having trouble exerting your independence. this transit will set you free. While a sextile is not as strong as a trine, this transit provides you with a healthy and easy boost that helps you get wherever you're going.

This week, air signs are headed for some exciting places:


Gemini: You're Taking A Step Back And Looking At The Big Picture

You have a tendency to get lost in the sauce, Gemini. If a detail snags your attention, you might focus on it to the point where no other details matter. However, this week, you'll be encouraged to take a step back and see the forest for the trees. Your life is so much more beautiful than you think. Remind yourself of how lucky you are to have what you have. If you focus on a flaw, all you'll find are more.

Libra: You Might Discover Something New To Enjoy

Just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about yourself, you go and discover so much more, Libra. This week, you may develop some new hobbies or realize your passion for something brand spanking new. You might even reconnect with something you used to love and lost touch with. Regardless of what happens, this boost of positivity, joy, and creativity will banish boredom and help you feel excited about life again, especially if you've been feeling stagnant. This week, your homework is to try new things, because chances are, one of them will make such a difference in your life.

Aquarius: You're Fearlessly Diverting From The Norm

You're a trendsetter, Aquarius, and this week, you're living up to that reputation more than ever. You're the last zodiac sign to blend in. In fact, it's easy to spot an Aquarius from a mile away. Why? Because Aquarius always stands out with their eccentric personalities and their ability to do something that sets them apart from others. This week, you're feeling more like your individualistic self than usual, and it's inspiring you to inspire others to do the same. There's nothing about your interests you're trying to hide from the rest of the world. Instead, you're letting everyone know exactly who you are.