If You're 1 Of These 3 Zodiac Signs, You'll Feel So Ambitious In May


What comes to your mind when you think of your career goals? Seriously, take a moment to think about it. Do you picture yourself raking in those Benjamins? Do you envision updating your LinkedIn profile with your dream job? Do you see a promotion so big your company has to throw you a party? Correct me if I'm wrong, but your mind instantly went to the glory and success that lies at the end of the finish line. You probably didn't think about all the work that led up to that moment, did you? Well, the work is just as important and you definitely won't want to forget that, especially if you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the best career month in May 2020.

Truth be told, things might feel a little slow this month (at least, career-wise). However, if your sun, rising sign, or Mars sign happens to be in Taurus, Leo, or Aquarius, May provides a powerful opportunity for you to do so much work behind the scenes. Think "delayed gratification" instead of "instant results," because even if you feel like you're not accomplishing much, you'll be growing in ways you may not realize yet.

During May, four planets will retrograde. Sound scary? Don't worry, there's no reason to panic, because these retrogrades will actually encourage you to rethink your priorities and work on yourself. Of all these retrogrades, the one that will have the most noticeable impact on you will be Venus retrograde, which begins on May 13. Since Venus rules over your money and relationships, this retrograde will likely have a major effect on your ability to network and increase your income. However, this doubles as a chance for you to set those goals aside and focus on the goal of self-improvement.


Taurus: You're Attracting Money And Getting Positive Feedback

It only makes sense that May will be a powerful month for you, Taurus. After all, Mercury enters your second house of finance on May 11, with the sun catching up on May 20. This month is a great opportunity to rethink your financial goals, such as saving, making more money, or asking for the raise you most certainly deserve. However, money isn't the only thing you'll be thinking about. You'll also be lauded for your accomplishments, especially with Mars spending so much time in your 10th house of career and 11th house of networking. Let people know you're talented and ready to get the job done.

Leo: You're Feeling Motivated To Get Your Name Out There

This month begins with both the sun and Mercury in your 10th house of career, Leo. In other words, you mean business. You're ready to take charge, lead the way, and put yourself out there. No more hiding in the shadow of others' successes for you. Courage will sweep over you this month, encouraging you to take a risk and go for the goal. And, with Mercury entering your 11th house of community on May 11 and the sun joining Mercury on May 20, you'll find yourself becoming innovative and even philanthropic. Who says your career goals have to be self-oriented? You might just discover your goals have everyone's success in mind.

Aquarius: You've Got So Much Energy

Mars — planet of ambition and drive — spends the first half of the month in your zodiac sign, Aquarius. That means you've got so much energy to spend, so use it towards something that truly matters to you. If you set your sights on a goal, there's no stopping you from doing whatever it takes to get it done. Plus, you're feeling so confident and in touch with who you are that you're even more in tune with your goals. And when Mars enters your second house of finances on May 13, you'll be making it rain, because you'll be that much more pumped about getting paid what you deserve.