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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Be Going Through It The Week Of May 18


In astrology, you win some and you lose some. It's the cycle of life, and the same holds true for astrology. After all, these highs and lows support the careful balance of growth and reward. When your horoscope is an unlucky one, you shouldn't take it personally. By getting through a challenging time, you're learning so much in the process, becoming stronger. Keep this in mind when I tell you that May 18, 2020 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs, because not only is it temporary, it's also an opportunity for growth. Plus, you can't expect things to be perfect all the time; that would be unrealistic. However, if your sun or rising sign happens to be in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, you're probably feeling the pressure the most.

You might have noticed that all of the aforementioned zodiac signs happen to be water signs, and you're probably wondering why. As of May 20 at 9:49 a.m. ET, the sun will move into chatty, brainy, and fickle Gemini, which happens to be an air sign. Unfortunately, in astrology, air and water don't really mix. They don't even mix in the literal sense. But astrologically speaking, they manage to mix even less so. In the simplest terms, water signs are emotional, intuitive, and soulful while air signs are intellectual, logical, and communicative. When the sun is in an air sign, it tends to be a stressful time for water signs. They find the nature of this season more trying than any other set of signs and it all has to do with the way it impacts them astrologically. Let's also not forget Venus retrograde in Gemini is currently underway, making the effects of this astrological shift much more confusing.

Here's what water signs can expect this week:


Cancer: Old Wounds May Be Resurfacing So They Can Heal

You're feeling incredibly sensitive, Cancer, and considering how sensitive and emotional you already are as a zodiac sign, this says a lot. This week, you might find your insecurities are flaring up and old wounds are reopening. You're especially prone to getting carried away with these feelings, so make sure you concentrate on the facts of your situation rather than your instincts about it. You may be way off the mark and seeing things way worse than they really are. However, rather than wallowing in everything, try allowing yourself to begin the process of healing.

Scorpio: You're Facing Everything You've Been Avoiding

You've got some unfinished business to tend to, Scorpio. There are emotional strings that need tying, so allow yourself to face everything you'd rather avoid. When the going gets rough, it's only natural to want to avoid the situation at all costs. However, this week, you might discover you have no choice but to deal with it. If you owe a debt or you still have feelings for an ex, that might be made apparent to you. Even if you attempt to sidestep your problems, it'll continue to haunt you unless you finally do something about it. Rip the Band-Aid off, Scorpio.

Pisces: You Might Feel Disconnected From Your Heart

You strive for emotional understanding and comfort. After all, you are a Pisces. However, this week, these things might feel incredibly out of reach. You might feel like you're on a different page than the people you love most. Your usual sense of comfort may also be challenged, leaving you feeling unsettled. Even though you might feel disconnected from your heart, you're also finding your way back to it. Sometimes, you need to lose yourself in order to find yourself all over again, just to rediscover your true self on a much deeper level. Remain flexible, Pisces.