Matt & Rachael's Zodiac Signs Are So Chill Together

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Caution: Major spoiler ahead. If you're been watching Season 25 of The Bachelor, then you've likely already pegged Rachael Kirkconnell as a frontrunner. After some impressive sleuthing, some fans even believe the graphic designer ends up winning Matt James' heart, and IMO, the evidence might hold water. Luckily, Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell's astrological compatibility is pretty ideal, even if some concerning allegations and social media activity have come to light since Kirkconnell's Bachelor debut.

On Jan. 4, TikTok user Maddy Bierster alleged Kirkconnell bullied her in high school for liking Black guys. On Jan. 11, Bierster posted another TikTok featuring messages from other anonymous sources who claim to have been bullied by the reality TV contestant. Kirkconnell also liked racist posts on Instagram, including a photo featuring a Confederate flag. Most recently on Feb. 4, photos emerged of Kirkconnell at an antebellum plantation-themed fraternity formal in 2018. (Elite Daily previously reached out to Kirkconnell for comment on these allegations and reports but did not hear back.)

It's unclear whether Kirkconnell actually ends up with James, but there's no denying that James (who was born on Dec. 5, making him a Sagittarius) and Kirkconnell (who's birthday falls on Sept. 26, which makes her a Libra) are a great astrological match.

Libras are known for being careful and meticulous people-pleasers who love justice and order in all things. They're also total suckers for love, and according to her ABC bio, Kirkconnell is a "hopeless romantic to her core" who "is hoping that her love story will be something huge and life-altering." V on-brand for a Libra. Those born under this air sign also live to shop, socialize, and spoil themselves, so it's no surprise Kirkconnell's IG grid is filled with glamorous vacation shots and foodie pics.

As one of the most self-aware signs of the zodiac, Libras tend to doubt themselves more often than they should. During her one-on-one dating with James, Kirkconnell admitted her self-consciousness has held her back from finding love. "I don't have a lot of confidence in myself a lot of the time, and sometimes that can be projected onto my relationships and I have a hard time opening up because of that, because I'm scared," she admitted. In their attempt to please everyone around them, Libras sometimes forget to speak up for themselves. It's not their fault — they just want everybody to be happy!

Libras and Sags may not seem like the most natural match, but when these sunny optimists get together, they tend to become totally invested in each other's success. A Libra-Sag relationship is usually built on a very deep, spiritual connection, and fans could see James and Kirkconnell's bond forming from the first night, when James led a prayer for the group. "I had a feeling I was going to be infatuated with him, but the fact that he opened up with a prayer just struck a nerve for me," Kirkconnell admitted to the camera. Sags are nothing if not open and spiritual, and that def seems true of James.

Like Libras, the archers of the zodiac believe in justice and fairness, which is likely why James was quick to shut down his friend who body-shamed Victoria Larson and confront the bullies (such as Queen Victoria) mistreating their fellow contestants. But while Sags would never allow anyone to cross them, these laid-back folks aren't quick to jump to conclusions. When asked by Us Weekly about those racist allegations made against Kirkconnell, James said, "Rumors are dark and nasty and can ruin people's lives. So I would give people the benefit of the doubt, and hopefully she will have her time to speak on that." Spoken like a true Sagittarius.

The biggest issue when it comes to Libra-Sag relationships: trust. Sagittarians could change their mind about something (or someone) in an instant, and sensitive Libras may feel insecure about a Sagittarius' spontaneous inclinations. I guess only time will tell whether those charcuterie boards and Spotify playlists mean James and Kirkconnell are actually end game.