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The Week Of March 16 Could Be A Little Annoying, Particularly For Earth Signs

If you're a fan of astrology, you probably know all about the unsettling moment when you discover your zodiac sign is headed for troubled waters. Even though it's impossible to completely avoid difficulties in life, the very least astrology can do is warn you about what's ahead. While difficulties are unavoidable, you do have control over your perspective of everything. When I say March 16, 2020 will be the worst week for certain zodiac signs, know that the way you choose to see your situation will have a huge say in how challenging it will end up being.

If your sun or ascendant happen to fall under Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, this week might be a difficult adjustment. This is all thanks to the fact that the sun enters Aries on March 19, which will bring up sensitive and challenging experiences for earth signs. Think about it. How well do these elements mix? Fire scorches earth in the natural world. Need I say more?

If you're currently a worried earth sign, let me calm your fears, because it really won't be that bad. For all intents and purposes, Aries season is off to a pretty enjoyable start. You've got the sun forming a sextile to sturdy Saturn on March 19, giving you something steady and solid to hold onto. By March 22, brilliant ideas will sprout when clever Mercury and spontaneous Uranus meet. Venus — planet of love — will also connect with empathetic Neptune, spreading compassion and wonder all throughout your relationships. In spite of this annoying news, beauty still surrounds you (even if you're an earth sign).


Taurus: You're Beginning To Face Your Subconscious Feelings

It's not always easy to be alone with yourself. You have to face the ugly truth of your feelings. Instead of confronting them, you might prefer make sure your schedule is completely booked up or reach for your phone whenever an uncomfortable thought arises. However, this week, you might find yourself too exhausted to avoid everything, thereby forcing yourself into some introspection. While this can feel challenging at first, it will ultimately be the spiritual release you've been needing. Schedule plans with yourself this week, Taurus. You won't regret it.

Virgo: You May Be Coming To Terms With Something Ending

The process of transformation is a cycle of death and rebirth. It's why the phoenix always rises from its ashes. This week, you are beginning to understand what it means to be a phoenix. You are growing stronger and wiser, but first, there's something that may need to end before something much better can finally begin. Give yourself time to take stock of your life. If you've outgrown something that's no longer working for you, find the courage to let go of it so you can create space for something else. You can't carry it all, Virgo, and that's OK.

Capricorn: You're Getting In Touch With Your Deepest Sensitivities

If you're feeling extra emotional this week, give yourself what you need, Capricorn. There's nothing wrong with you for feeling sensitive. You're a human being, not a robot. While the rest of the world may encourage you to get it together and hide what you're feeling, it's time for you to recognize how unreasonable that expectation truly is. Surround yourself with people who truly care about you, spend time in a place where you feel safe, and cozy up however you need. Your heart needs special care at the moment, so make your feelings a priority.