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There's A Lot To Look Forward To This Week — Especially If You're A Fire Sign


Are you prepared to rev the engine on life? In the mood to let passion grab hold of your heart and refuse to let go? You've been wading through the dreamy, free-flowing waters of Pisces season and getting in touch with your spiritual essence. While that is certainly a necessary and replenishing experience, it does have the tendency to make you feel a bit lazy. Luckily, the cosmos are switching things up in a major way, and March 16, 2020 will be the best week for these zodiac signs — Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — so, if you were born under the influence of the element fire, you might as well be jumping for joy.

Fire signs have so much to look forward to, especially when the sun enters whole-hearted, gutsy, and competitive Aries on March 19. This will encourage you to get inspired about something important to you. Use this energy to get motivated to compete and fight for whatever it is you're so passionate about. Let Aries season wake you up from your long winter slumber and go for the goal. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac wheel, which means the astrological new year begins when the sun enters Aries. What intentions will you set to guide you forward?

It's as if the cosmos are celebrating the sun's entry into Aries, because courageous Mars (which also happens to be Aries' planetary ruler) and expansive Jupiter will join forces on March 20, sending a blast of energy throughout the universe. After a long and confusing Mercury retrograde chock full of procrastination, this is the best news. This week is yours to mold into whatever shape you desire, especially if you happen to be a fire sign.


Aries: You're On Top Of The World And You Know It

You're being charged with motivating energy and it's inspiring you to tap into your truest self. Embrace the confidence to be yourself and get over all your fears that people will judge you. There are far more people who are inspired by your authenticity than not. The fact that your solar return has officially begun would be enough of a positive boost, but you're also getting a lot of attention from everyone this week. There may be a career revelation in the making, as if you're finally being noticed for something you've been working so hard for. Level up, Aries.

Leo: You're Ready To Embark On Your Next Adventure

Where to next, Leo? You might be inspired to pack your bags and visit a new place. The same old routine just isn't going to cut it, so allow spontaneous opportunities to whisk you away on an adventure. Talk to new people, learn about new things, and let the words "carpe diem" be your saving grace. While you might feel inspired to be wild and untamed this week, you also have the energy to get a whole lot accomplished, so don't worry about exhausting yourself as you go forth on your journey. Why limit yourself? You can handle it all.

Sagittarius: You're Becoming The Artist You're Meant To Be

Hush that inner critic spreading worry throughout your mind, Sagittarius. This need for perfection is getting in the way of your creative genius, which, by the way, is even more genius than usual this week. You're on the brink of an artistic journey, so give it your all and don't forget to enjoy yourself. Art is not about getting it right on the first try; it's about creating something that allows you to express yourself. Remember, the process is supposed to be fun. Your inner child is being set free, Sagittarius. Run wild.