Lush's Annual BOGO Sale Is Happening Right Now & You Can Get FREE Bath Bombs

Want to hear a very sad, very true tale? Once upon a time, I was saving up to splurge on Lush Cosmetics during my Black Friday shopping shenanigans, and I was absolutely devastated to hear that the brand doesn't typically participate in America's biggest annual shopping event. Tragic, but alas, the Lush BOGO Sale 2018, one of the brand's only sales of the year, is finally here, so I can finally fill my home, my shower, and my makeup bag with all things Lush — the way life is meant to be.

Lush products are reasonably priced year-round, which is why they don't have many sales because of it, but all true Lushies know that their BOGO sale on Boxing Day is not to be missed. BTW, if you're never heard of Boxing Day, which falls on Dec. 26, that's likely because it's a holiday that originated in the United Kingdom. But it's still become a shopping day almost as popular as our own beloved Black Friday. Every year, Lush offers serious savings, and this year, they're just as sweet.

For 2018's BOGO sale, Lush shoppers can enjoy a buy one, get one free promotion on certain products in store and online. Online, all you need to do is look for the products with a blue BOGO sticker, and add an even number of those items to your cart. Once you do, you'll see the price cut in half. You can use this promo for up to 40 items, which, IMO, is enough Lush to last you for a long, long time.

Another great Lush update? Separate from the BOGO sale, the brand is releasing a whopping 12 new fizzers online in honor of Boxing Day. Even more, some of these fizzers bring back some iconic, fan-favorite Lush scents that fans voted to make a return — like Yog Nog, Blackberry, and Honey I Washed The Kids — according to Refinery29. The only downside is that these babies aren't included in the BOGO sale. But hey, we've already established that all Lush products are already affordable as hell.

In 2017, Lush celebrated Boxing Day with the Stop & Smell The Sale event, which, according to StyleCaster, gave customers 50 percent off of the brand's limited-edition holiday offerings, including "all Christmas soaps, Yog Log Roulades, Candy Cane Roulades, Bûche de Noël Face And Body Cleanser and other select items.” Great deal alert, right?

The 2016 sale saw similar savings, as well as a discount on spooky faves, too. Lush had a sale that featured 50 percent off of all Christmas and Halloween items, as well as classic, year-round items that were made before Oct. 1. Since Lush products are so naturally derived, they often have expiration dates, so a deal like this allows them to get rid of excess inventory, while you get to delight in more Lush goodness.

Me, enjoying a bath and not even stressing about the fact that I'm most definitely going to be spending all of my Christmas money at Lush's Boxing Day sale:

So, what we buying this year, fam? While all of Lush's classic products have a special place in my heart, I'll be taking advantage of the limited-edition holiday offerings, so I can use them while they're still seasonally appropriate. The Santa Bomb Bomb ($10, is just the cutest little St. Nick I've ever seen, plus he smells like cola and is super fizzy, so he'll make for a fun bath experience. I'm also tempted to stock up on the Cranberry Fizz Lip Scrub ($8,, you know, in case anyone wants to be my New Year's kiss. Or not! That's cool, too.

While I love a great-smelling, colorful bath, I'm really a bubbles kinda girl, so I'll definitely seize this opportunity to stock up on bubble bars. The Candy Cane Bubble Bar ($6, is so sweet to look at, and it's actually scented with a fresh, lemony zest, so you won't exit your bath smelling like a peppermint.

If you are into those color-filled, highly Instagrammable baths, look no further than the Star Light Star Bright Luxury Bath Melt ($9, Shaped like a dreamy silver star and packed with soothing murumuru butter and almond oil, this product melts into a pool of pinky purple and turquoise. This product should literally come with a waterproof phone case, because you will most definitely be risking your device to get the perfect shot of all the magic, and I can hardly blame you.

There's so much bath time beauty to be made with Lush's holiday offerings, and their BOGO Boxing Day sale is the best time to stock up. Head over to the Lush website or your local store and get sniffing and shopping, before it's too late.