I Bathed In The Flower Bath Everyone's Obsessed With On Insta & Feel Like A New Woman

After visiting Bali, I can totally see why it's the ultimate vacation spot. The landscapes are incredible, the weather is impeccable, and the people are so warm. It's also picture-perfect in every way. If you have Instagram, there's a high chance you've stumbled upon photos of Bali within the past year or so. It seems like every travel blogger and influencer has been there. You've probably seen photos of the rice fields, villas, and infamous flower baths. Well, I recently visited Bali and had the chance to experience it all for myself. I bathed in the flower bath everyone's obsessed with on Instagram, and I feel like a brand new woman.

Bali is the perfect destination for anyone who's in need of rejuvenating spa treatment. There are a variety of spas across the island, and many of them offer a flower bath where you can soak in rose petals. You'll spend around thirty minutes relaxing in a tub full of oils, herbs, and petals from around the island. As a full-time traveler, I'm always moving around, so I knew that this was something that my body and mind would thank me for. Let's be real: I'd fly back to Bali and do it all over again in a heartbeat. Here's what happened.

It Was So Refreshing, I Had To Do It Twice During My Stay
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I spent over a month in Bali, so I just had to do indulge in a flower bath more than once. My first flower bath took place Fivelements right outside of Ubud. The setting was so peaceful and I had my very own private bath overlooking a river. My second flower bath took place at Karsa Spa, which is known for its affordable flower baths.

Both experiences were the definition of complete and utter relaxation. In other words, it's safe to say this Instagram fad lives up to the hype in my eyes.

I Received A Massage As Well
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When you sign up for a flower bath, you're in for so much more than that. Most spas have a variety of offerings for you to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Flower baths are usually paired with a traditional Balinese massage and scrub so that you can get the best of both worlds. Your entire body will be rubbed down with essential oils and/or natural scrubs before you move onto the flower bath. You can even sign up for a facial if you want the full-package experience. I received a tranquil massage before experiencing my flower bath, and it felt even better than I dreamed of.

I (Literally) Soaked Up Every Single Second

I'd previously seen these flower baths all over Instagram, so I knew it was a must-do while traveling through Bali. I have to say that reality far exceeded my expectations. I knew that the flower bath would be pretty and Instagrammable, but I didn't realize how relaxing it would actually feel.

After a soothing massage, the masseuse filled the tub with vibrant petals, natural oils, and herbs. Let's just say I felt like a brand new woman once I rose out of the tub — hydrated, relaxed, and completely fresh. It also helps that I was able to get a beautiful Instagram shot to capture the experience!