FYI, Lululemon's "We Made Too Much" Sale Is Overflowing With Cute Options Right Now

When I was a college cheerleader (Humble brag, but TBH not even, because I wasn't great), there was nothing, and I mean ~nothing~ cooler than showing up to cheer practice with a fresh pair of Lululemons. They were considered as couture as athletic attire could possibly get, and I remember saving all my coins to splurge on a few pairs every year. Fortunately, the brand would sometimes #bless me with a sale during which I could snag my leggings for less, and Lululemon's "We Made Too Much Sale" July 2019 is happening now in full swing. Exciting, I know! If you've never shopped this particular sale, read on to learn what products are included and why.

When you're a brand as massively successful as Lululemon, you don't really need to advertise huge sales to draw shoppers to your site. In fact, the brand rarely ever goes on sale, so snagging anything for less than full price is always mega-exciting — especially if you're College Me, who should've been saving my money and not buying more unnecessary leggings to begin with. That said, Lululemon does occasionally overstock a piece or two, and said pieces are eventually listed on the site's "We Made Too Much" tab and sold at a lower price. If you've ever been casually browsing and found your ideal product in your correct size and fave colorway, you know a hit-the-jackpot feeling that only few have felt. For the most part, this area of the site has slim pickings, but it just so happens to be overflowing with options right now, so I highly suggest you take a moment to shop it.

I've honestly never seen so many good deals in this section at once, so you might as well peruse in case your future fave piece is listed:

Most coveted of all are the brand's leggings, and I see numerous fun prints currently listed at under $100 a pop, with bright colors and bold patterns aplenty. Score!

The Fast and Free Mid-Rise Tight 28" ($89, originally $128, is available in this bold floral print:

The 14 has already sold out, but sizes zero through 12 can still be purchased as Final Sale items. Plus, you can ship your online purchases directly to you, or choose to pick them up at your local Lululemon store, which is a nice option.

The Fast and Free Crop II 19" Nulux ($79, originally $118, is discounted in three different shades, my fave of which is the bold Golden Lime:

The Golden Lime colorway is still available in sizes four through 12, but there's also Cyprus and Grey Sage versions available, so fingers crossed your fave comes in your size.

Lastly, I'll give you a sneak peek at the Tightest Stuff Tight in Floral Spritz Multi ($89, originally $148,

For those of us who are a little intimidated by bright, look-at-me activewear, this black-and-white print makes these leggings the perfect transition piece. Yes, the pattern is bold, but pair it with a basic black tank and your go-to black sneakers and the look is hardly over-the-top. Love it! You can snag this pair right now in sizes two through eight and size 12.

Ready to scroll the site in search of your own perfect "We Made Too Much" purchase? Good luck and godspeed! There's no hard end date on these deals, but once the overstock is sold, they're gone for good.