Liam Payne & Maya Henry's Zodiac Signs Are So Alike

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Liam Payne stans had much to reckon with on Aug. 28, 2020 when a rep for Payne and Maya Henry, his partner, confirmed the two are engaged after two years of dating. If you're going, "Wait, when did Liam start dating someone?", I feel you. Apart from Instagram snaps and brief mentions in interviews, this couple keeps their relationship on the super DL. But rest assured, Liam Payne and Maya Henry's astrological compatibility makes that secrecy so worthwhile.

Born Aug. 29, 1993, Payne is a Virgo king. Henry, on the other hand, was born June 15, 2000, making her Gemini royalty. According to the stars, this duo can be a handful, but ultimately, they can make it work.

This Pairing Is Smart AF

Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury. Virgos like Payne are smart AF. They read about everything and have loads of random obscure knowledge that comes in handy. This is so attractive to Gemini, who is also super resourceful. In turn, Virgo is impressed with how Gemini applies their intelligence with charm. It tracks that, as a Gemini, Henry has said she wants to become either a human-rights or personal-injury lawyer.

They're Passionate About Both Work & Play

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Virgo is an earth sign, meaning they're notoriously dependable and super hardworking. The fact that Payne survived One Direction's grueling touring and recording schedule is proof that he's a quintessential Virgo. In turn, Gemini is an air sign. Air signs love connecting with people, and go hard for their beliefs. While Virgos like Payne are inclined to give 100% to their careers (and leave nothing for their personal lives), Geminis like Henry are great at finding work-life balance. In this relationship, Gemini is the one to suggest happy hour after both parties have worked until late at night, or the one to campaign for a night out on a business trip.

They Can Definitely Clash

Because of their shared ruling planet Mercury, Virgo and Gemini get written off as "know-it-alls" all the time, so Gemini-Virgo fights can be especially bad. Both signs are constantly trying to outsmart the other with their argument. (They can go on for hours, too.)

But They'll Always Work Things Out

On the other hand, Gemini and Virgo are also both mutable signs. For Virgos like Payne, being mutable manifests in excellent "detective" and problem-solving skills. For Geminis, being mutable looks like major adaptability. When these signs get together, they're open to growing and are great at finding compromises.

Sure, Virgo and Gemini may butt heads because they're both super smart and driven. But if they're patient with each other and put those big brains to use, they're a fiercely loving, unbeatable match. You may be mourning your shot at marrying Liam Payne, but take comfort in the fact that astrologically speaking, he has a solid match in Henry.