Lady Gaga's $50 Million Jewelry At The Oscars Honestly Stole The Whole Damn Show

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There is one person whose red carpet style I consistently look forward to seeing for its boldness, versatility, and, at times, sheer shock value. Tonight, it once again did not disappoint. Lady Gaga's 2019 Oscars look brought the fire thanks to not just her dress, but some very over-the-top accessories, and I couldn't love the whole ensemble more. I didn't think the singer-turned-actress' style could get any better than it was at the 2019 Grammy Awards (more on that below) but it appears I've been proven wrong. Gaga's look this evening is no meat dress, but damn, is it fierce! I guess that's what happens when you don $50 million worth of jewels — yup, you read that right.

Seeing as she's up for two highly competitive awards tonight, Best Actress and Best Song, it makes sense that Gaga would want to bring the sartorial heat. Her portrayal of Ally in 2018's A Star Is Born was met with critical acclaim across the board and has cemented Gaga as not just a singer and performer, but as a creative force whose talents know no bounds. The film itself is nominated for "Best Picture" tonight, among a bevy of other awards, and was hands-down one of the buzziest releases of 2018. In short, it's a big night for Gaga and her cast and crew mates, and she certainly dressed as such.

But could tonight's look outdo the knockout dress that she so recently wore to another red carpet? Here's her stunning Grammys 'fit, for reference:

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Earlier this month, Gaga arrived to the 2019 Grammys red carpet wearing a strapless silver dress by Hedi Slimane for Celine that featured a thigh-high slit and oversized ruffle detail along the side, and she looked absolutely stunning.

For tonight's look, she one-upped her silver gown with a back-to-black outfit, complete with a whopping $50 million worth of jewels:

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Yessss, Gaga! Honestly, none of us deserve this slayage, but we thank you for blessing us with it. Her black Alexander McQueen gown features a strapless neckline and structured hips, as well as matching black above-the-elbow gloves only a glam goddess such as she could pull off. The whole thing is really giving off some modern-day Breakfast At Tiffany's vibes, you know? Which makes sense, after all, given her jewelry for the night.

The focal point of her look was that gorgeous, huge necklace, as well as her sparkly diamond earrings, both by Tiffany & Co:

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Wow. Wow. Wow. There's not much else to say other than "wow." It takes a star with a real presence to wear a necklace like this without being overpowered, and I feel confident in saying that only Gaga could pull off an accessory so bold. The huge yellow rock is none other than the 128 carat Tiffany Diamond, per Town & Country, originally acquired by Charles Lewis Ti­ffany way, way back in 1878, and still stylish to this day. I'm sorry, but one more: Wow.

The jewels didn't stop me from appreciating her glam, which featured fresh, natural skin contrasted by icy silver eyeliner, and an intricate updo that gave me P!nk vibes, in the best way possible.

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This woman, and this look, are both iconic in every sense of the word:

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TBH, I'd be downright terrified to wear such an iconic jewel around my neck all night (Hasn't she seen Oceans 8?), but Gaga makes it look easy. A queen is born to slay, and slay she does, indeed! Her 2019 Oscars look will go down as one of her best ever, I'm sure of it.