Kylie Skin Makeup Wipes & Travel Bags Are Now A Thing & I Refuse To Go Anywhere Without Them

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So, we've pretty much all decided we're buying Kylie Skin the second it drops, right? Jenner's debut skincare products look bomb AF based on what I've seen on Instagram so far, and if you thought the six-piece set was cute, get excited, because there's more. Kylie Skin makeup wipes & travel bags are now a thing, and TBH, I refuse to travel at all this summer without them. I simply cannot remove my makeup with anything other than a Jenner-approved cleansing wipe, and I will not, I repeat, will not be transporting my perfect pink Kylie Skin products in anything other than their matching makeup bag. Call me high maintenance! See if I care! Spoiler alert, I won't, and I'm buying the bags and the wipes whether you want me to or not. Seriously, who asked you?

Mini-rant over; let's get back on track and discuss details. When Jenner first started posting the newness on the Kylie Skin Instagram account, she announced six products for the first drop. There's a Foaming Face Wash, a Walnut Face Scrub, a Vanilla Milk Toner, a Face Moisturizer, a Vitamin C Serum, and an Eye Cream. Honestly, what more could you ask for?

The products were (and still are) set to launch May 22 on the Kylie Skin website:

Each product comes sold separately in adorable pink ombre packaging, but you can also snag the six-piece set all at once to save:

I was content to buy all six products, but not so fast — Jenner just had to take even more of my coin, didn't she? Out of nowhere, she debuted two new add-ons to the collection, and I'm not not buying them in addition to the originals.

No makeup bag I've ever owned can compare to the cuteness that is the Kylie Skin Travel Bag:

The bag, which will retail for $22 and features a baby pink zipper and clear top with the Kylie Skin logo written across, fits all the full-size products, which means I literally have no choice but to buy it. Where else am I supposed to put my new skincare goodies? They're either going on top of a Kylie shrine in my room or inside of a Kylie Skin makeup bag, and the latter seems like a lot less work, so I'll be adding it to my cart on May 22.

And, oh yeah, girl dropped some makeup wipes, too. In the words of DJ Khaled, "Anotha' one!"

At $10, one pack of 30 oil-free wipes can remove all my makeup — including waterproof mascara, according to the brand's post — for a full month, so I'm sold. However, more than a few commenters on Instagram felt the wipes were overpriced. "What are you doing with these prices? I was willing to pay for the lip kits because they lasted but why would I pay 3 or 4 times more for something I can get at Target? Next!" wrote one irritated follower. Many echoed similar feelings.

Maybe someone on Jenner's team will let her know fans are peeved about the pricing:

Either way, I'll personally be splurging on the wipes, the makeup bag, and the whole damn line, for that matter. If you feel the same, you can snag it all on the Kylie Skin site when the collection drops May 22.