Uh Oh, Kendall Got Real About The Possibility Of Kourtney K Leaving 'KUWTK'

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For months, fans have been wondering about Kourtney Kardashian's future on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The star has made it clear she doesn't want her personal life on display for millions of viewers, and her decision hasn't been received well by her sisters Kim and Khloé Kardashian, who've felt they've had to reveal more of their own lives as a result. Because the sisters haven't been able to see eye to eye lately, fans thought it was possible Kourtney would be leaving the show next season, however, Kendall Jenner's quote about Kourtney Kardashian possibly leaving KUWTK reveals the situation is complicated.

In the same episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show where Jenner learned a cheerleading routine from Netflix's Cheer cast, the 24-year-old model opened up about the future of KUWTK. Unlike Jenner, who only makes occasional appearances on the show, her sisters Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney appear in almost every episode. On Twitter, Khloé explained the trio has "equal contract[s]," and that's why they appear more often on the show than Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

However, in recent episodes of KUWTK, Kim and Khloé called out Kourtney for not revealing enough of her personal life on television. This came after Kim and Khloé asked Kourtney about her hickey, and she refused to reveal any details. As a result, Kim and Khloé felt they needed to "pick up the slack" and show more of their own lives.

Watch the sisters' confrontation below.

In one episode, Kim even threatened to fire Kourtney from the show. Kourtney's future on the show didn't look good, but, now, Jenner has made it clear Kourtney is "not necessarily" saying goodbye to KUWTK.

"I think Kourtney has boundaries, which is totally understandable," Jenner began. "I've always kind of not let my personal life entirely on the show, so it's just kind of always been a thing for me, but then with Kourtney, she did at one point let her personal life be on the show, so now it's been more a shift for everyone to understand."

She then revealed the show's upcoming episodes will give fans some much-needed answers. "Let's just say it gets a little bit crazier before it gets any better. There's just some pretty crazy things that happen," she said, adding that Kourtney's departure is not confirmed.

Watch Jenner's interview with DeGeneres below.

Although fans still have more questions, Jenner's comments have reassured them there's still hope Kourtney won't leave the show after all.